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“He Who has begun the good work in you will carry it through to completion.” —Philippians 1:6

Hours before His death, Jesus Himself prayed to His Father: “I have given You glory on earth by finishing the work You gave Me to do” (Jn 17:4). 265 more words

The word of God is alive and active

A tractate by St Baldwin of Canterbury

The word of God is something alive and active: it cuts like any double-edged sword but more finely. These words tell us how much power and wisdom there is in the word of God for those who seek Christ, who is the word and the power and the wisdom of God. 389 more words

I have always laboured out of love

From a letter by Saint John Bosco, [ 1815 - 1888 A.D. ] priest

First of all, if we wish to appear concerned about the true happiness of our foster children and if we would move them to fulfil their duties, you must never forget that you are taking the place of the parents of these beloved young people. 382 more words

Traveling with medications

Do you pack over-the-counter medications when you go on holiday? Do you consider whether these and any prescription drugs are legal in the country you are traveling to? 512 more words

Health And Wellness

The Big "F" Word

I know. It never happens to me either. I am never wrong. Sometimes mistaken, but never wrong. Or, possibly just not right? Whatever it is we call it, there are times when all of us have not been “accurate”. 285 more words

8 Food Combinations That Can Make You Sick

Some of your favorite food and snack combinations could be making you sick…literally. In fact, you probably would change your food pairings if you knew what havoc they wreaked on your digestive system. 843 more words

Health And Wellness