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Dieting is vague and demeaning, instantly I began to think carb-loathing, paleo-loving, protein packing, juice cleansing, raw eating, skinny envying people. For those of you who have encountered countless “diets” from Jenny, to Weight Watchers, to Herbalife must know that these are only temporary results. 173 more words

Health And Wellness

Humility Under the Bar

For anyone who is unaware, Olympic Weightlifting is &^%$?!# hard! In my mind two of the most important aspects of a well rounded CrossFit athlete have to be raw strength and a serious amount of profficiency with olympic lifting. 429 more words


Shoulders and Biceps

Hello All,

I was not able to hit my traps or forearms directly. But I will do that tomorrow. I will do some forearm work, calves, ab work, and trap work. 138 more words


Day 64

Scott seems to think I have been missed as the author of our blog. Ha. Ha.

Tonight’s dinner….15-minute vegetarian chili (8 points +) with rice (3 points +). 127 more words

Health And Wellness

Moving Toward Clean(er) Eating

If you are looking for a way to reduce or eliminate the intake of unhealthy foods in your diet then adopting a plant-based lifestyle may be worth considering. 1,526 more words

Health And Wellness

Women's Wellness Conference Live 2014 Webcast

 I’ve been an advocate for tuning into online Summits and Conferences of all kinds for years. Whether t’s conference delivered by The Quantum University on quantum physics, multiple Science summits or  Health, Wellness and Longevity Now Conferences … you name it – I’m probably on board! 486 more words


The Day that I let go......

I am the type of person that will fight for something until the very end. The one thing that I did not know how to do is let go.   438 more words

Health And Wellness