Get Well Wednesday: African-American Bone Marrow Donors Can Save Lives

Bone marrow saves lives but it can be a challenge for African-Americans to find a donor match. Dr. Jeffrey W. Chell, M.D., has been Chief Executive Officer of The Match for the last 14 years. 625 more words

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A quick green morning smoothie bowl recipe for y’all on this sadly not so sunny Monday. Hey, it’s Summer right and I for one have woken up with so much to be thankful for! 345 more words


Green Tea for a Dreary Day

It’s kind of a dreary day in Los Angeles today, but to be honest I’m loving it. I have a candle lit, Coco cuddled up next to me, a yummy Moroccan mint green tea latte and am going to curl up to read a mystery novel after I write this. 172 more words

Your Body Speaks Your Mind

Every time I pause for a moment and think about the human body I am humbled and inspired. It is a home for my soul’s travels on earth. 1,010 more words

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Get Well Wednesday: Dr. Mark Mitchell Says Climate Change Puts African-Americans At Risk

Dr. Mark Mitchell is the principal of Mitchell Environmental Health Associates, a consulting firm on environmental health and environmental justice issues. He chairs the National Medical Association’s Council on Medical Legislation and co-chairs the NMA’s Environmental Health Task Force, where he provides environmental health education to physicians and advocates on behalf of NMA. 153 more words

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(The most steps I’ve recorded thus far, a long day of walking around Boston in the rain!)

Something that has helped me a lot with exercising has been using a pedometer app. 151 more words

My Surgery Stories

I’ve had two laparoscopic surgeries, the first in the winter of 2012 and the second in the fall of 2012. The first surgery positively diagnosed me with endometriosis. 670 more words