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Website content strategies from healthcare tech startups

by D.J. Martin

If you’ve been staying inside and offline for too long, you may not have heard that a frenzy of startups are trying to grab a piece of the U.S. 965 more words


Herbs for Happier Emotions and Brighter Brains

People who detox physically also detox emotionally. This connection is often seen among the guests at Hippocrates Health Institute while going through the Life Change Program. 1,331 more words

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Veg-Heads Healthier Guts

A vegetarian diet of plants picked as close to the vine as possible proves the healthiest, as demonstrated in a recent study comparing the diets of rural African children to that of urban Italian children. 467 more words

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Technology is Transforming Health Care in Life-Saving Ways – Part 1

We all know how hard it is keeping up with technology. For instance, it seems every time we upgrade our phones, a new version is already launching. 503 more words


Expanding insurance coverage reduces the number of uninsured

This drop in the rate of those without health care coverage identified by the most recent Gallup polling seems relatively straightforward. States that are trying to reduce the number of uninsured through the Affordable Care Act are more successful than those who are doing less or next to nothing. 80 more words


Casualties in the war against tyranny

The unfortunate victim is 32 year-old Charlene Dill, an uninsured mother living in Florida, who passed away from complications around a treatable heart condition. It mostly went untreated because Dill was poor and uninsured in a state that so-far refuses to expand Medicaid. 220 more words


A Light Enhanced Diet to Colorfully Light the Way

The psychological and therapeutic influence of color is an ancient art of healing, and science today continues to re-explore its potential. There is evidence of belief in the power of colors in Ancient Egyptian times, where houses were built with colored panes of glass in the roof, through which the sun could shine and “treat” the patient sitting inside. 300 more words

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