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White Paper: Medical Plan Preferences in an Environment of Choice

The Affordable Care Act has triggered a tidal wave of changes in all aspects of the U.S. health care system — from the way Americans buy their insurance, to which doctors they can see, to the way doctors are reimbursed. 71 more words

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Rebuking Crazy Talk on the Supreme Court

Remember Paul Krugman’s ridiculous comments regarding the Supreme Court’s decision to grant certiorari in King v. Burwell? Justice Elena Kagan–no one’s idea of a right-wing jurist, of course– 717 more words

The Latest Obamacare Outrage

Let’s say that you have an Obamacare plan. Let’s say that you like it. Let’s say that you want to keep it. Let’s say that open enrollment comes around, and you do nothing, because you think that you don’t have to–since everything is fine, and you have a plan, and you want to keep it, after all. 222 more words

Dear Canada,

Look, I love Canadians. This is why I would not wish anything bad on you, especially President Obama. Hey, if you want him you can have him. 1,051 more words

Opinion: It's hard to see Bill 10 making it easier to treat dialysis patients

As a nephrologist at the MUHC, I would like to confirm that there is indeed a triage system in place to direct patients to hospitals closer to their homes for pre-dialysis and dialysis care. 568 more words


The End is Near: End-of-Life Talks May Finally Overcome Politics


Medicare may cover advance care planning that was once decried as “death panels,” and some private insurers are not waiting for the political process. 8 more words

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