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The Price is Wrong: Why the high price of medical care in the US cannot be maintained.

Thanks to Philip Eide¬†for bring the following post to my attention. It’s been discussed before in many other blogs and newsletters, but needs to be repeated often enough so that it sinks in…we have the most expensive health care “system” in the world, and for workers’ comp, that’s not good, especially as… 464 more words

Medical Tourism

'Choosing Wisely' Lists Don't List Big Moneymakers

Dartmouth analysis slams Choosing Wisely campaign, showing how many of the recommendations are “pathetic” and do not affect the major money makers for many healthcare providers. 113 more words

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Be careful of the health care spin

The CBO says the cost of Obamacare subsidies will be slightly lower than predicted. Obamacare will still lower the deficit. Good news right? You will be hearing more about all this, but I wanted to provide a heads up. 252 more words