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Progress on Medicaid Reform

It is widely understood that the rapid increase in spending for entitlements (Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid) is the main driver of our debt problem.  Anything that can be done to get spending for these programs under control is of great value. 341 more words

Jack Heidel

Feds spent $7M for anti-drug ads last fall

OTTAWA – Newly released figures show the Conservative government spent more than $7 million on a 12-week anti-drug advertising campaign that ended earlier this month. 152 more words


Robert Pozen: The Other Debt Bomb in Public-Employee Benefits

Wall Street Journal: Underfunded health-care obligations may be close to $1 trillion. Many cities and states are in for big trouble.

Public-pension funds have garnered attention in recent years for being underfunded, but a more precarious situation has received much less notice: health-care obligations for public retirees. 53 more words


America's Most Outrageously Expensive Places to Live

If you’re trying to pinch pennies, you might want to stay away from New York City, Bellevue, Wash., Scottsdale, Ariz., and, oh, just about anywhere in California. 348 more words

America’s Best Health Care Practices

Peter G. Peterson is an 88 year old billionaire from Kearney NE.  His Peterson Foundation has just established the Peterson Center on Healthcare whose purpose is “developing a comprehensive approach to finding existing innovative solutions in healthcare that improve quality and lower costs, and accelerating their adoption on a national scale.” 325 more words

Jack Heidel

Health care spending; up, down❓

Are health care costs declining? Has the growth rate slowed? No and yes.

Is the Affordable Care Act responsible for slowing the growth in health care spending? 246 more words