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Please pray for Air Force veteran with lymphoma

FOTM has powerful prayer warriors and you are needed!

Patriot USA, a good friend of FOTM, is asking us to please pray for a veteran of the U.S. 333 more words

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Choosing best Dental Doctor in Massachusetts

When selecting a dentist look for someone who meets your needs and expectations without a doubt! Do a complete check and choose a professional whom you can trust completely. 351 more words

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Health Effects of Asbestos - Part 1

Nature of Asbestos
Asbestos is a mineral with a unique crystal structure. Individual crystals of asbestos are long and thin (needle like) and these crystals occur as a “palisade” in tightly packed bundles. 414 more words

Health Effects of Asbestos - Part 2

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer of the lining of the lungs and sometimes the peritoneum. Exposure to asbestos is the primary cause for mesothelioma. Diagnosis generally occurs at least 30 years following the first exposure to asbestos. 217 more words

Access to Nurse Practitioners

The Affordable Care Act–also known as Obamacare–has extended health insurance coverage to millions of Americans. But access to coverage doesn’t guarantee access to care. With a shortage of primary care providers in the U.S., the Affordable Care Act tries to bump up the numbers of physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who can provide this care. 154 more words

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Income Inequality and Health: Can the Poor Have Longer and Better Lives?

The issue of income inequality has been in the news a lot lately. The gap between rich Americans and poor Americans has grown considerably since the 1970s. 807 more words

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How to get rid of skin cellulite

Orange peel thighs and legs would not be the desire of all women, but the problem of cellulite how good.
Eliminate Stress because stress prevents the elimination of waste from the body. 236 more words

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