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A Physician's Plea.

A medical student. A simple question.

“I’m starting to feel jaded. How do I continue caring?”

At the time, personal suggestions abounded.
Work-life balance. Self-care. 222 more words

Medical School

Property Should Be Verified Before Any Citizen Speaks to the BOS

OK, that is absurd.  but imagine that for a moment.

Imagine if a citizen wanted to go before the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, they would first have to attest, under penalty of perjury of all their property.   877 more words


Vermont 'Canadian-Style' Single-Payer Health Care

According to ThinkProgress, proponents of single-payer health care in Vermont aren’t pleased with their governor’s recent decision to stop the state’s plans to create a single-payer system.   65 more words

U.s. Politics

An open letter to mental health professionals

#WhyWeDon’tEngage is still trending on Twitter. The issues raised are important – it’s no exaggeration to say that some make the difference between life and death – so I hope you’re paying attention. 657 more words

Mental Health

Hillary’s Chance Was in 2008

By Greg Smith

Why is anyone suddenly surprised the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination is not sitting on a silver platter in the DNC headquarters with a “Property of Hillary Clinton” note on it? 1,252 more words


Can African Mobile Tech Innovation Transform American Business?

Often, innovation and technology are viewed by many as a one way transfer, from the developed to the developing world. Yet, African innovators are forcing us to give pause to this notion. 558 more words

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Insurance Maintenance And Repair

It costs less to live healthily than it does to pay for health insurance. Unfortunately, health insurance is required. Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t. A healthy lifestyle drops in priority because of financial pragmatism. 964 more words