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You need to move.

It seems like everyday my social media feeds are filled more and more with information about the catastrophic effects that being sedentary has on our systems. 340 more words



Today was kind of a cataclysmic clusterfuck, so bear with me. []

I think someone may have handled one or both of the barred owls some time in the last few days, because holy  1,762 more words


We’re going to be getting a new bird soon! Very soon. Possibly tomorrow soon. There have been some tie-ups and some legal precautions, and it’s not exactly clear just when she’ll be arriving, but it may be within the next few days to weeks. 453 more words


I started off this morning with a program. Kind of unexpected. I wasn’t aware there was going to be one today until SW mentioned it when I was fixing up the turtle salads. 1,549 more words


I’ve been getting so lazy writing these things up, which I feel bad about. Today was super-interesting and a lot of things happened, which makes me a bit tired and lazy, but for those of you who read and enjoy these stories, I will overcome! 4,387 more words

Health Check! - Week 2

This is your weekly health check! Take a quick inventory of the following 5 aspects of your health:


You need sleep.

Based on an inventory of my friends and family (totally scientific of course), I guarantee you are not getting enough sleep. Even me, the number one lover of sleep in the world, does not get enough sleep all the time. 907 more words