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What sort of headache is that? How to get help!

Your doctor and pharmacist have never known more about head pain. What causes it and how to manage it.

Listen up!

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Don Det

One of the “4000 Islands” that scatter the Mekong by the Laos/Cambodia border, Don Det is a compulsory chill-out zone. No cashpoints on the island, no roads and limited electricity means go prepared with money and a torch, but be ready for a river island paradise. 296 more words

New services are being offered in your community pharmacy!

It’s great news! More and more your community pharmacy is becoming a one-stop health shop for you and your family.

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Create your medicine list with an app!

When you think that over 160,000 people end up in hospital because of the medicines they take, creating your medicine list on the new smart phone app is the way to go!

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Adding sugar is the real villain.

 The experts say, the more sugar you add to the food that you eat, the shorter you will live.

Have a listen:

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Blokes and troubles "down there". Perhaps a red flag for future trouble?

ED or erectile dysfunction happens to so many blokes. All sorts of reasons but trouble with the blood vessels needs to be excluded.

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Now, your community pharmacy can offer you even better service!

 Good news! Now your community pharmacy can offer you even better service. Hear all about it in the next 60 seconds.

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