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There's More to Good Health than ...

What do you think drives good health? Do you automatically think about diet and exercise? Those are definitely two important elements of health, but there are some others you might not realize have a big impact as well: Spirituality, community, self-esteem and self-worth. 312 more words

Health Coach

Vegetable Chickpea Hash

The great thing about making hash, is that you can basically use any vegetable you have in your fridge, especially leftover vegetables. Here however, I used fresh ingredients bought today (only because I was due for a market stop). 217 more words

Health Coach

Master of the Month: Jessica Filkins

Jessica Filkins  is a holistic heath coach, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master.  Jessica believes that everyone deserves to be healthy and happy. Her mission is to share her gift for healing and her knowledge of nutrition and yoga with others. 1,165 more words

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Be Part of Something Bigger

Think back. Way back. Through your entire life.

Now…come up with any time that you achieved great success and were proud of yourself.

OK. Now I want you to think of all the people who helped you through the journey to reaching those successes. 298 more words


Fall Muffins

I make these in my Vitamix but you can use a food processor or a good old-fashioned chopping knife and a mixer and it will work just as well. 234 more words


24-hour renew


Hello friend.

Over the next 24 hours, you will drastically improve your life. Just by beginning to take care of yourself, you will be setting the foundation for true health. 539 more words

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Bio-individuality and why you should care!

Bio-individuality is one of my favorite things to talk about because it’s so important for everybody to know about!

We’re all bombarded by tons of diet theories and rules to follow for optimal health, but we’re all so different, why do we let others tell us what’s best for us? 544 more words