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Do You Have a Leaky Gut?

Is your gut leaking?

You are not necessarily what you eat but more accurately, what you absorb. If you have an inflamed gut or a leaky gut, you wont be absorbing all the nutrients from the foods you’re eating. 1,074 more words

Health Facts

What this Healthy Food Can do for You

I have recently become a fanatic about finding delicious, healthy food to keep me energized and hearty. I want to share some of my favorite healthy diet secrets to help you guys maintain a healthy lifestyle! 274 more words


Health Benefits of Mint

Health Benefits of Mint

Mint, as we all know and love, is a mouthwatering breath refresher. Mints and mint flavored gum are staples in my purse for those moments when you realize your breath still smells like your morning coffee. 624 more words


What is "Belly Fat", Do I have it?

The Truth that should be accepted

Everyone has some belly fat, even people who have flat abs

That’s normal. But too much belly fat can affect your health in a way that other fat doesn’t.

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*VOTE* 4Monday's blog topic

Vote4monday’s blog topic is a new concept I thought of this week, that will be an on-going weekly event!   Every week (either on Thursday or Friday) I’ll post a… 477 more words


FAQ Friday

Did you know an avocado is a fruit?

Although avocados are considered quite fatty, they are a healthy type of fat – loaded with vitamin B which allows us to quickly and easily turn food into fuel, keeping us energized. 52 more words


Heart Messing with the Heart Monitor

Our heart beats pretty consistently. However irregular heart beats, also known as arrhythmia, can also occur. These can be monitors with a Heart Monitor. Awkward Yeti does a great job of showing us (although not entirely accurately) how it works. Random heart facts by Karlina!

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