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We all have a tendency to fall into excuses. “I’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll start next Monday, I’ll buy that when I get paid, I just don’t have time today, there aren’t enough hours in the day”…any of those sound familiar? 174 more words

Health Facts

Barefoot Earthing?

Ever thought about the term ‘grounding yourself’?

Or ‘connecting with the earth’?

Or how about ‘connecting with mother nature’?

Seems a little ‘fluffy’ really doesn’t it. 366 more words

Safe Cosmetics

I’ve posted a few times about toxins in cosmetics and household products, but today I’m going to fill you in on which products are safe! I’m an esthetician and also used to be a makeup artist. 404 more words

Health Facts

10 Flat-belly Tricks That Will Surely Work

Do you know that there are 10 flat-belly tricksĀ  proven effective in helping people get a head-turning abs that everyone envies? Do you dream of having a healthy flat belly that you can flaunt at the beach? 508 more words

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Easy Ways to Remove Back Fat

Knowing the easy ways of eliminating those unwanted fats from your back can be a little addition to your healthy regimen. Having that toned and sexy back is probably one of the dreams of men and women out there. 299 more words

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Most women who wear heelsĀ are no stranger to the discomfort and pain that such shoes can bring but have you ever thought twice about the real damage it’s doing to your feet and body? 286 more words

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We all know how easy it is to over eat. We’re are all guilty of it and it isn’t until we’ve reached the bottom of the bag or finished our second plate that it hits us. 600 more words