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Grain Free Dog Foods: Solving Yeast And Skin Issues

Today’s cat and dog owners are becoming more savvy than just a few years ago. They’re starting to pay attention to food labels because they want the best for their animals. 209 more words

Protect Your Dog's Mind From the Effects of Aging

No one knows exactly why dogs or humans decline in their mental abilities when they age. One theory suggests that as the genetic material (DNA) reproduces itself in each new cell, the successive transcriptions become less accurate, sort of like making copies of copies of copies on a photocopier, where each one gets progressively grainier and harder to read. 398 more words


More doggy mooncakes!

Just over a week has passed since my article on doggy mooncakes, more of these canine yummy offerings has appeared on the internet.

First off we have… 144 more words



Older adults who eat moderate amounts of foods rich in compounds called flavonoids are less likely to die of heart disease or stroke, according to a recent study. 417 more words

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The Pending Health Epidemic for Dogs: Unhealthy Homemade Dog Food, Part 2

Last week I shared my fears of a coming health epidemic among dogs as a result of unhealthy homemade dog food diets. Despite the best intentions to offer their dogs the best dog food, owners are unwittingly depriving their dogs of vital nutrition. 491 more words

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Is Your Loving, Kind, Fluffy Dog Friend A Carnivore Or An Omnivore?

There has long been debate as to whether the dog is a carnivore or an omnivore. The National Research Council of the National Academies and some larger dog food companies consider dogs as omnivores. 129 more words


Ready? Steady? Cook! | Summer Dinner

Last week I spent a week home alone. I think I needed this because at some point I have to be able to take care of myself. 401 more words

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