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County HHS Workers Rake in Cash as Homeless Remain Homeless

As you sit down to your turkey dinner, safe in the assumption that all those nonprofits groups and county agencies  are taking care of Montgomery County’s homeless population, consider cushy beds that taxpayer (and nonprofit donor) dollars are funding for those are charged with helping those who need help the most, but don’t. 367 more words

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A Snow Storm and Nearly Empty Waiting Room, HHS Services Still Takes Hours

It was a particularly dreary, rainy morning when we arrived at the Montgomery County Health and Human Services building on Piccard Drive. There were only about six people milling about when we checked in at 8:45 a.m. 471 more words

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N-Word...What MoCo HHS, Council Think About Local Residents of Color

When True Montgomery fired up her computer this morning to read in on what the top stories were for the morning, she was both fascinated by the Washington Post’s exploration of the use of the N-word. 722 more words

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Apathy Lost Anthony Brown the Governor’s Mansion

Call it karma. Call it November Surprise. Call it the right thing to have happened.

Final results show Maryland voters backed Real estate businessman Larry Hogan 54 percent to 45 percent. 574 more words


Frosh...and the Vote Stalkers

True Montgomery was again passing through the Bethesda Metro Station this morning when a campaign worker shilling for Brian Frosh stopped me on the way to get coffee. 221 more words


When Anthony Brown Gets in Your Face

Typically True Montgomery begins her day like this: coffee. Take the boy to school. A 60-minute haul to her client’s office in Alexandria. More coffee and then work. 973 more words