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Little Moe, Gigi and Neil to the Rescue! Germ-Zapping Robots Fight Ebola Virus

In early September, we featured a gadget that alerts hospital patients whether or not their healthcare providers hands are germ-free. BioVigil’s intention was to reduce the spread of hospital associated infections (HAIs) and encourage hand-washing hygiene in a simple manner. 294 more words

Health Innovation

Performing An UltraSound With Your iPad

Ultrasounds can be lifesaving for pregnant women and their babies, but in many areas of the world, they aren’t available. The equipment is costly at $45,000 – $75,000 per machine, and requires trained personnel. 231 more words

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Public-Private Partnership

Conference: How far along are we with public-private Innovation? And how will we reach our ambitious goal? 244 more words

Older Adults Living with HIV/AIDS on the Rise in Canada


Download PDF Here: Older Adults Living With HIV:AIDS in Canada

The number of older Canadians living with HIV has spiked over the past decade and a half. 675 more words

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This Device Helps Babies "Pop Out" Like a Cork From a Bottle

TALK ABOUT INSPIRED CREATIVITY! Jorge Odon was inspired to help pregnant mothers in prolonged labor after watching a party trick that uses a plastic bag to get a cork out of a wine bottle. 338 more words

Health Innovation

Folding Symbols of Hope


Download PDF here: Folding Symbols of Hope- David Han

First founded in 2007 at the U of T St. George campus, Fly with Origami, Learn to Dream (FOLD) started out as a small group of origami artists who wanted to share designs in the company of those who also enjoyed their art. 446 more words

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