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North Carolina could use Sec 1331 of the ACA with the federal exchange

My white paper on health reform in North Carolina suggested that the state should run its own health exchange, move ahead with the Basic Health Plan option under section 1331 of the ACA, and expand insurance coverage via a “private” option using the section 1331 vehicle. 282 more words

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A report showing how benefits fail to support people with mental health problems

Worried Sick is a new report from the Scottish Association for Mental Health.  It reflects concerns about the way that people with mental health problems are left to negotiate the reefs of the benefit system without adequate support; in six cases SAMH workers had to help people attempting suicide because of what was happening. 52 more words

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'Choosing Wisely' Lists Don't List Big Moneymakers

Dartmouth analysis slams Choosing Wisely campaign, showing how many of the recommendations are “pathetic” and do not affect the major money makers for many healthcare providers. 113 more words

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JAMA Forum: Using Community Health Trusts to Address Social Determinants of Health

By Dave A. Chokshi, MD, MSc; Prabhjot Singh, MD, PhD; and Nicholas W. Stine, MD

As an increasing body of research demonstrates, there’s a link between “social determinants”—such as poverty, low educational attainment, unemployment, and housing instability—and the propensity for poor health. 1,251 more words

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AMA: Docs Add $1.6 Trillion to Economy

What self-serving bullshit from the AMA. Said another way, physicians account for amount of economic activity that is equal to about 57% of total healthcare spending in the US ($2.8 trillion). 100 more words

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Health Care Renewal: Planned Obsolescence Disguised as Innovation, Oligopoly Disguised as a Free Market, and the Enrichment of Oligarchs

This is a long read, but a great essay on how our healthcare system is a rigged, crony capitalist cesspool. We don’t have a free healthcare market and have never had one. 88 more words

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