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Minimally Invasive Health Reform

Earlier this month, well known surgeon Dr. Marty Makary wrote an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal titled “A Minimally Invasive Approach to Health-Care Reform… 852 more words


Seeing both sides of Gilead's $84,000 drug Sovaldi

The most interesting healthcare debate this month concerns the $84,000 price tag for Sovaldi, the breakthrough Hepatitis C drug from Gilead Pharmaceuticals. The national conversation happening right now touches on drug patent incentives, sustainable growth in national health spending, equity and access to care, and more. 726 more words

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CMS Revises Part D/Hospice Guidance

CMS today revised its guidance on procedures related to determining who pays for pharmaceuticals used by Medicare beneficiaries who elect hospice care. A hospice is responsible for paying for all drugs related to the terminal illness under Medicare regulations, a fact that was never in disupute conceptually. 177 more words

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N.C. House v Senate Medicaid proposal

I am not opposed to managed care in Medicaid. In fact, in January 2014, I proposed an approach to both expand insurance coverage and reform Medicaid by using private insurance to cover newly eligible persons via Sec 1331 (Basic Health Plan) of the ACA that would have insurance companies and integrated delivery systems compete for the newly eligible beneificiaries. 946 more words

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Medicaid Managed Care Across the U.S.

The North Carolina Senate  discussed today a proposal for Medicaid reform that would be the broadest application of managed care in any State nationally. By broad I mean: 617 more words

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