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Action hero: fighting to save rural hospitals

I talk quite a bit about the value of not sitting on the sidelines of life, but getting engaged and taking action. So I’m going to start highlighting people who have gotten off the couch and taken action based on what they know to become real-life ‘action heros’.   844 more words


What does it mean for a state to establish an exchange?

I have no idea how the King/Halbig litigation will conclude. If a state wants to ensure that tax credits to purchase private insurance can flow to their citizens, they don’t need to wait for the case. 709 more words

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Four Organizations (and One Doctor!) You Should Be Following on Twitter

Twitter; seriously?

For several years after its founding, I actively resisted joining Twitter. I though the microblogging site was narcissistic in the extreme. Who cares what you as an individual are thinking or doing at this exact moment in time? 563 more words

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Good news on infant mortality

Here’s some good news, for once, which I was pointed to by a report about China in the Economist.  International organisations have identified ten countries which have made exceptional progress in keeping children alive.  51 more words

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Both sides still need a health reform deal

On December 16, 2010 I finished a post entitled, “What would a compromise look like?” in this way:

The Democratic party invested much political capital and time to pass the ACA.

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End of the session Medicaid stuff

The N.C. Senate passed their Medicaid reform last night, and it is virtually identical to what I didn’t like much last week. Things haven’t changed much in terms of the House v the Senate since… 344 more words

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Robert Wood Johnson Leader Details Plan to Shift Health-Care Strategy - News - The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideas

The Policy ThinkShop calls your attention to a very hopeful challenge being proposed by key health leaders and philanthropists nationwide and led by a tremendous investment and vision from the leadership of the RWJ Foundation. 256 more words