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Where's the beef , Ed?

Labour’s NHS plans:

“Where’s the beef, Ed? The Labour Party’s 10 year plan for the NHS fails to address the most important issue facing the NHS – the massive funding crisis – and totally ignores two other key issues – scrapping the market and renegotiating PFI contracts, both of which are draining £billions away from patient care and creating financial instability. 482 more words

NHS Privatisation

Health Policy Quiz


So I’m working up the guts to post a statement of benefits that will help show the calculus that goes into medical billing. As I’m finding the courage, take these two super-fun health policy quizzes! 53 more words

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Prevention may be difficult, but it is fundamental to public health

The old saying, that prevention is better than the cure, is well accepted in public health. The most obvious grounds for this are moral – if we prevent disease rather than treating it, we spare individuals ill health and its consequences, from the unpleasant to the fatal. 570 more words


Healthcare Triage: Banning trans fats versus sodas

The following is not my writing but from a blog that also had some coverage on the topic of trans fat and is an interesting read…. 41 more words

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ER wait times: A few remedies for this lingering headache

I think it’s safe to say that more ink has been spilled on wait times in emergency departments than on any other health-related issue. Regardless of what Canadian jurisdiction you live in, chances are you’ll find an article or editorial every few weeks detailing a local crisis. 2,458 more words


Advance Directive in end-of-life care.

Dr Babu Paul (IAS Retd.) was the chief guest at the Palliative Day observance at Caritas Hospital, Kottayam last week.He talked about palliative care with respect to the ethical aspects involved. 167 more words

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Medicare: at a glance

Considering the reasons that Medicare was created, the opposition to its creation, and the continued funding battles that are fought over it in the halls of Congress, Medicare has accomplished quite a lot since its inception.  8 more words