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Health Services Union: A democratic union for Health Professionals

Several factors as excessive work pressure, unsafe conditions, bullying, sudden roster changes & more can pose a threat to your well being at workplace. As a healthcare professional working for private or public health, aged care, ambulance or disability service, it’s important that you have a democratic and reliable union that safeguards your rights and is accountable to its members. 437 more words

Health Professionals

Disability, Sex - Rolling onwards and upwards!

Welcome to our first blog! If you’re interested in sex, disability, intimacy; maybe even all three – then we may share some quality time over the coming months. 394 more words

Big Issue

The realities of life with a label

Were you the clumsy kid that got blamed for every breakage? Maybe you were the class clown who always had the finger pointed at them when learning was disrupted (but thanks for the memories Jamie H – filling the geography room of our Catholic comprehensive with blown up condoms was outstanding). 572 more words

Mental Health

Ambulance Blues

Waiting is no fun.  Waiting when you’re a sick patient confined to a wheelchair is insufferable.  The current media obsession with A&E waiting times has obscured an equally challenging issue: that of departure waiting times for those reliant on ambulances.  931 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

In the news: Stress of family caregiving red flagged

Many people caring for a chronically ill family member say they’re very stressed, according to the Mental Health Commission of Canada. It’s calling for better access to mental health treatment as a top priority. 58 more words

Respiratory Therapists

Disclaimer: I am not a respiratory therapist – the information presented is from talking with RTs.

Another group of specialized health care professionals that are often hidden behind the forefront of doctors are Respiratory Therapists. 425 more words

Career Exploration

If you can't help, at least don't hurt.

I thought about starting this post with “I’ve hit a bit of a rough patch” but that would be like describing full-blown influenza as a bit of a sniffle. 1,181 more words

Health Professionals