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Obamacare's Creepy Uncle Sam Strikes Again

Last September, I shared a disconcerting video showing an unfortunate young woman getting her OB/GYN exam from a very creepy version of Uncle Sam.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that “Creepy Uncle Sam” does not discriminate. 182 more words


An Under-Appreciated Victory over Obamacare

Let’s enjoy some semi-good news today.

We’ve discussed many times why Obamacare is bad news, whether we’re looking at it from the perspective of the… 578 more words

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Foreign Aid — Money Well Spent

Foreign aid and its effectiveness on a country’s development have been a continuous debate for the past 100 years. In all likelihood it has probably been argued about for much longer than that, but in these last 100 years the world has become much more interconnected and therefore more dependent on each other. 823 more words

Developing Countries

Obamacare’s Dramatic Impact On The Uninsured In Two Charts

The uninsurance rate has plunged to a historic low, according to polling by Gallup, thanks to the Affordable Care Act’s effort to expand coverage to additional Americans. 226 more words


Health IT Regulation Remains HIMSS Focus

This week, HIMSS submitted its third set of comments in 12 months on the topic of FDASIA. FDASIA, or the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act, was signed into law in July of 2012, and… 417 more words

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