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"Left Coast Rising": California’s Success Demonstrates That Extremist Ideology Still Dominating Much Of American Politics Is Nonsense

The states, Justice Brandeis famously pointed out, are the laboratories of democracy. And it’s still true. For example, one reason we knew or should have known that Obamacare was workable was the post-2006 success of Romneycare in Massachusetts. 757 more words


"The GOP’s 20-Year War On Health Care": Republicans Are Going To Extraordinary Lengths To See That More Americans Die

Stop the presses: John Boehner admitted Thursday that the Republican Party’s long-awaited alternative to Obamacare needs a little more time in the oven. “You know, the discussions about Obamacare and what the replacement bill would look like continue. 973 more words


Obamacare's Creepy Uncle Sam Strikes Again

Last September, I shared a disconcerting video showing an unfortunate young woman getting her OB/GYN exam from a very creepy version of Uncle Sam.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that “Creepy Uncle Sam” does not discriminate. 182 more words


An Under-Appreciated Victory over Obamacare

Let’s enjoy some semi-good news today.

We’ve discussed many times why Obamacare is bad news, whether we’re looking at it from the perspective of the… 578 more words

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Foreign Aid — Money Well Spent

Foreign aid and its effectiveness on a country’s development have been a continuous debate for the past 100 years. In all likelihood it has probably been argued about for much longer than that, but in these last 100 years the world has become much more interconnected and therefore more dependent on each other. 823 more words

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