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Elimination Diets And The Value Of Beans

The latest diet trend, apparently, is the “elimination diet.” I say “apparently” because it’s impossible for an average person to stay on top of dietary fads. 384 more words


Who is narrow-minded?

I keep hearing from people who are adamant that vaccines are safe and highly effective; that the benefits far outweigh the risks associated with such diseases.   1,896 more words

Health Studies

The dreaded flu

This article goes really well with “Spreading germs, anyone?”


In my attempt to find the truth, I have found some amazing things through my research. 314 more words

Health Studies

The House That Crack Built

Truth be told, I was nervous about reviewing this book on my blog. For a start, the title has the word “crack” in it. Also, the whole book is about drugs. 553 more words


Documentary: Mansome

While many movies of self image and self esteem are focused on the medias attack on young women, this documentary shows how men face scrutiny in popular culture as well. 261 more words