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Benefits of Delicious Sunbutter

I have to admit . . . I friggin’ LOVE peanut butter.  I could eat an entire tub by the spoon.  The organic, natural stuff is my favorite.   453 more words

Hair Loss doesn't have to be Permanent

Hair Loss in women doesn’t always have to be permanent. 

Over the years women, have confided in me about those special times they would donate their locks for cancer patients, and then years later they themselves were feeling less then comfortable about their own thinning hair.  929 more words

Health Tips

Find A Local Dentist, A New Smart Phone App: Now Available To Coral Gables Residents

Technology has made life easier and new innovations are still taking place every day. Portable smart devices like smartphones, tablet PCs and even smart accessories dominates people’s lifestyle and almost everything now is made more convenient for consumers. 188 more words

Health Tips

Diabetes Is Not A Killer, Tips For Life

The negative consequences of not properly managing your diabetes are very severe. Amputated limbs, blindness, and even possible death are what you have to look forward to if you do not manage your disease. 401 more words


Multiple Sclerosis and the resident chef

Today this post is written by Khalid, about the time he first was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

I am writing what I am writing now because I have found a big difference in how to live with this disease, and I hope to help other people. 371 more words

Health Tips

Doctor Advises Men On Risk of Testicular Cancer

Males between 15 years and 34 years have been advised to perform a monthly testicular self-examination to help detect testicular cancer in its early stage. 250 more words


How Can You Lose weight with Spinach?

Popeye taught us at a young age that Spinach is a super food. We may not like this leafy green veggie but you have to admit there are definitely benefits for acquiring its taste. 418 more words

Health Tips