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Choose Love

I think it’s safe to say that we can all resonate with the woman in the picture above.

We’ve all been there. We’ve been stressed, emotional, grumpy, negative and downright tired. 1,161 more words

Health & Wellbeing

Why do things differently?

Ask my friends and even my clients, and they will tell you I am a laid back, go with the flow kind of gal. My feathers don’t get roused easily and I tend to take things in and not react without first chewing the cud. 273 more words

Health & Wellbeing

6 Cool Food Apps That Make Meals Safer

There are all kinds of food safety tips floating around out there, but it can be hard to tell the old wives tales from the scientific fact. 519 more words

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8 Simple Ways To Eat More Mindfully

Do you shovel through your food like there’s a famine?

Let’s face it, the hustle and bustle of daily life can sometimes have us treating our meals as an item to cross off the to-do list rather than a time to sit down and nourish our bodies. 798 more words

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How to Be More Open-Minded

By Charlotte Dodson

Walking around with blinkers on? Feel like you’re running on the treadmill, and not sure when to slow down, or get off? There’s a whole world out there, and adventure can be found just around the corner! 1,013 more words

Health & Wellbeing

Be Godlike and Love all Creation as good Stewards should.

Flying over the California Sierra Mountains is a case for God; He gave us aircraft wings so we could witness His mountaintops first hand; His… 325 more words

Juice For Jesus

Top 10 Healthy Sleep Habits

By: Ms. Angy (ECFE Blog Writer)

I came across this list about healthy sleep habits from Sleep Education by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.  It’s a great “Top 10 List” to keep in mind when you are helping your children learn good sleep habits or in helping yourself get a better night’s sleep! 201 more words

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