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Should You Do A Detox?

The food we eat on a regular basis can cause our bodies to have a reaction such as headaches, irritability, inflammation, obesity, and more. A detox allows our body to get some rest from every day stresses and help heal our body. 345 more words

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FB Chat Exclusive: The ‘DivaMD’ Answers Your Cold & Flu Questions

‘‘Tis the season for cold and flu and BlackDoctor.org has all the information you need to get well and stay well! On Thursday, November 20, Dr. 2,762 more words

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6 Things They Don't Tell You About Your First Semester Of College

It’s May 1st and high school seniors across the country are putting down deposits and enrolling in colleges; one step closer to adulthood and achieving lifelong dreams. 543 more words

4 ‘Wynning’ Ways To Stay Fit On Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday is not just a time of good cheer. It can be a stressful season when it comes to healthy eating, especially for those who are watching their waistline. 312 more words

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Amazing 300 Fight Scene Recreated By Gym Bros In Spectacular Fashion

Completely speaks for itself. Bra-vo. Below is the original for comparison.

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8 Things You Need To Know Before You Fall For A Girl Who Loves Books

1. You will be ignored.

Maybe she won’t look up when you’re speaking to her, or maybe you won’t be able to reach her for an entire afternoon because her phone is on silent and she’s reading. 588 more words

13 Signs She’s Your BFF

1. She has seen your naked body more than any guy has.

Maybe it was that one time you got super sunburnt in Mexico and lay naked on the bed or when you drunkenly changed your clothes in front of her. 951 more words