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I practice and teach yoga everyday to honor and connect spirit and all people to our shared and personal humanity, light and darkness…that is the biggest act of love , healing, truth, compassion and empowerment which nourishes my soul and those who create community and connection through practice. 10 more words

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Ebola Comes To Atlanta, And That's Not OK With Me

An American medical missionary who was infected in Liberia with the Ebola virus and is reported to be in “serious condition” has been transported to Georgia and is expected to arrive sometime today at Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital for treatment. 374 more words

5 Ways I Fought Depression (And Won)

1. Antidepressants

One pill: half green, half white. I was prescribed it in January when told I met several of the symptoms of depression. Feelings of sadness, emptiness, or unhappiness. 407 more words

Let Fame And Fortune Be The Byproducts Of A Life Well-Lived

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve spent most of my life pursuing outcomes: money, weight loss, accolades, admiration, and praise. I’ve looked forward, doing nothing unless there was explicit pay-off for me. 863 more words

Idiot Compassion via Huffington Post

Did you ever feel you were knocking your head against the wall when dealing with certain friends or relatives who you keep trying to help? Over and over again you suggest changes that could improve their circumstances, and they say they understand but very soon are again repeating the same agitating story. 648 more words

It Takes Me 23 Hours to Awake Refreshed

I have fought my body clock for years and, for much of my adult life, didn’t get enough sleep. I just wasn’t tired enough, or ready, to get to bed at a reasonable hour. 99 more words

Easier Life

Learning to Think Thinner

I wrote this about 3 months ago and just never posted it.  Going to look at getting a bit more active here again (like maybe once a month instead of every 3 months, heh). 285 more words

Health & Wellness