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Join Me For Rugged Maniac 2014 (Discount & Giveaway Inside!)

For over a year now, it’s been a goal of mine to complete a 5k obstacle course (mud run) so for my birthday last year, I asked for an entry into this year’s… 359 more words


Get Well Wednesday: Lose Weight Eating Real Food

Robert Ferguson, MS, CN is a nationally recognized author, certified nutritionist, fitness expert, entrepreneur, TV personality, motivational speaker, and CEO of Diet Free Life who currently serves on the Presidential Task Force on Obesity for the National Medical Association. 164 more words

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Don’t Forget To Inspect Your Anus For Brown Recluse Spiders

“It’s where they get the name,” said a leading entomologist at Cambridge University. “They get in there and they like to hide, and they wait until you go to the bathroom to bite you.” 372 more words

My Blueberry Nights

My great Aunt Pauline brought me a huge bag of blueberries last night and I set right to work! I put a quick post on the Plant Based Junkies page and instantly had a recommendation for the… 297 more words

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Exercise of the Day! Skater Plyos!

Plyometrics (also known as plyos) is a type of exercise training designed to produce fast, powerful movements, and improve the functions of the nervous system, generally for the purpose of improving performance in sports.   96 more words


How to Choose the Right Workout for You

Working out with a friend helps motivate!

So, What’s Your Fitness Goal?

If you want to squeeze everything you can out of your workout, you’ll first need to establish your long-term objective. 1,439 more words

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My Favorite Disease

I had already been making considerable progress since my encounter with the crazy, crazy psychiatrist. I was living in my parent’s basement, reading about natural sciences, generally “taking it easy,” learning to be a more logical human being. 896 more words