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NHS England publishes data for over 5,000 doctors

NHS England has published mortality rates for almost 5,000 surgeons
Just three were found to fall below the national average in their specialty
Part of ‘major transparency drive’ in the NHS allowing patients to see critical information about the hospitals and professionals treating … … 7 more words

Bride left paralyzed in car crash defied odds and WALKED to meet her groom

Katie Breland Hughes, 27, from Louisiana, was on her way to work in 2011 when a truck slammed into the vehicle she was driving
She woke to discover she was paralyzed from the waist down… 34 more words

HIV positive mother Amanda Mammadova conceives two babies naturally

Amanda Mammadova was diagnosed with HIV in 2010 – three months after meeting her now husband Ali, 29
The virus was passed on unknowingly by her ex-partner   33 more words

NHS bosses finally order investigation into A&E closure chaos after two-year campaign by MoS that exposed deaths and delays 

Investigation launched into whether closure of two AEs triggered long waits at nearby hospitals
It comes just days after The Mail on Sunday highlighted the problem  42 more words

How Your Boobs Change in Your 20s, 30s, and 40s

Just like there’s a lot women don’t know about how their vaginas change with age, so much happens to your breasts as you get older. The changes range from their appearance to how they feel, so it’s smart to stay in the know with what’s going on. 20 more words

The Highlighter Supermodels Swear By

This article was written by Phillip Picardi and repurposed with permission from Refinery29.
About three years ago, celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno told me that I “absolutely needed” this little highlighter pot. 16 more words

4 Tips for Politely Bailing On a Bad Date

I always worry when the texting is too good before a first date. It’s almost like some sort of cruel trick from the universe—if you’re really, really connecting with someone via emojis and clever answers to the most basic of questions, the chemistry almost never translates in person. 11 more words