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Happy Easter Wishes

May you find the renewal of hope, health, love and the spirit of God.

Happy Easter to you and your lovely family. My wishes for your this Easter.Good health,Good fortune,And Fulfilling life.

Happy Easter!


Motivation vs. 'Why'

What gets you motivated to workout every day? I have a ‘motivation board.’ It’s a board of pictures and quotes that represent part of my ‘why.’ 475 more words


Easter Sunday Funday Work Out

As you know, my boyfriend Frank is a personal trainer and will be posting great workouts for you to try! Well, he’s here today to give you a great pre-Easter feast workout. 269 more words

fitness week recap

Monday was my rest day. Tuesday usually is not a rest day but it snowed and was really cold and I just could not make myself do anything. 177 more words


١٠ أشياء لا يعرفها الأمريكيون عن أمريكا، درس للقارئ العربي

مارك مانسون كاتب، رجل أعمال و مدرب علاقات سابق من الولايات المتحد الأمريكية، يكتب الآن في موقعه الخاص و على مواقع مرموقة مثل هافينجتون بوست 22 more words

Social Commentary

Exercise can help you steer clear of the flu: study

Whether it’s running, mountain biking or competitive sports, the benefits of exercise go far beyond promoting heart health. According to a recent British study, vigorous exercise could even help you to avoid catching the flu next winter. 204 more words


If you're Going to do ONE Thing for your Health, This is it.

If you are going to do one thing for your health this year this is it! Cutting out soft drinks alone has helped people lose tremendous amounts of weight, improve their health, and improve their quality of living. 13 more words