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"METH"ods of efficiency. Politicians and Substance Abuse.

Saying that you use crystal meth to be “more efficient” is equivalent to saying you drink before you drive so you can see “more clearly”. This is exactly what German Minister of Parliament Michael Hartmann stated after a surveillance video surfaced last fall in 2013. 399 more words

Found: grass-fed butter in ontario, canada! via /r/Paleo

Oh my…after MUCH researching and contemplating long drives over the border ($20/person dairy limit makes it so impractical), I found it here. It’s not cheap and in order to arrange delivery if you are not local, you have to place a minimum $200 order. 36 more words


Alabama patient wakes up from circumcision to find penis amputated

Johnny Lee Banks, Jr., from Birmingham, Alabama, went for the routine procedure last month but awoke to find his penis was gone
In a lawsuit against the hospital and doctors, he said he had never been warned that losing all of his penis would be a possibility… 16 more words

And the Unhappiest City in America Is…

Could the city that never sleeps also be the city that never…smiles? According to a new study by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NEBR), the answer may be yes; the research suggests that New York City is the unhappiest major city in the U.S., after adjusting for demographics,… … 7 more words

The Difference Between Slow and Fast Weight Training

Just like the beats of reggae versus merengue, your weight-training rhythms—a.k.a. the tempos at which you perform your reps—don’t affect your body the same way. Look around the weight room and you’ll see folks doing everything from long drawn-out movements to Energizer… … 8 more words

3 Beautiful Things You Might See on Your Run

One of the neatest parts of going for a run is that you get to sightsee while you’re at it. Sometime you take in lush trails lined with trees, other times you get an architectural tour of your city. 24 more words

'New virus' discovered in human gut

26 July 2014
Last updated at 01:14

By Smitha Mundasad
Health reporter, BBC News

Scientists scoured international genetic databases to see how common the virus may be… 15 more words