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Conflicts Between Love and Age Gap

An old man who felt in love with a younger lady is so common around the world. A gap of 20 or 30 years as the rare age distance between two lovers. 1,595 more words


Long Distances Traveling Are Dangerous To A Life. Part 1 of 3

Long Distances Traveling Are Dangerous To A Life – Part 1 of 3

Long Distances Traveling Are Dangerous To A Life. Traveling covet distances by plane, car or train over the holidays can pose health risks if you don’t go over steps to protect yourself, an expert warns. 154 more words


I took the picture above in March of 2013.  The person you see is my eldest son shortly after his 13th birthday.  He is a very fit (now) 14 year old who runs, lifts with me, is a 2nd Degree Black Belt (think grappling, sparring, kata, kickboxing, etc) and is getting ready to undertake wrestling this upcoming year as he enters high school.  612 more words


Sick leave policies pick up steam

WASHINGTON — Biviana Lagunas must skip class or her part-time job when her 4-year-old germ-magnet brother Derik is running a fever, because their mother has no paid time off. 563 more words


Juicy Lucy

I have the body of a black woman. A voluptuous black woman. Only I am white. I have always envied black women and their ability to rock the hell out of those big booties. 994 more words

A dessert & a story

Last night was hot again and I was craving for something cold and sweet but not too sweet. These days, it’s hard to find desserts that are not filled with sugar, too much fat or both. 576 more words