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Easy Watermelon Cutting Technique

Everyone loves watermelon on a warm summer day, but I know I love watermelon in the fall too! Some people cut it into triangles, others cut them in cubes, either way, cutting up watermelon can be a mess! 54 more words


Healthy Living - Almond Milk and Cookies

Now I know many of you might not know this, but the 21st – 27th of September is Health Week! I, as always, am psyched to be celebrating Health Week. 463 more words

Day 4 - A day late...again

So this consistently posting everyday – consciously posting about a specific thing is difficult….clearly or i wouldnt have missed day 4 and nearly day 5 =) However, yesterday I was happy because not only did I sign up a coach, but she helps me stay on track…because she lives in my house and my success is her success lol This little achievement helped give me just a little more fuel to keep doing what I know is the right path

You Better Work! How to work your work out.

Does this ever happen to you?

We’ve all been there. You drag yourself to the gym, throw your belongings in a locker and slowly mount the first available machine. 293 more words



I was very organized. I’ve wanted to get over to River Bend for a few weeks, but life kept taking us in other directions. Today, though, I knew we’d make it because we needed to go to CVS … and it’s just around the corner from the farm. 448 more words


Time to Make Scientific Education Standards a Priority... Starting with Us

Our huge, inter-connected population and the globalization of economies means that today, intelligence without education is outright harmful.

The human mind looks for patterns, and in the absence of education or scientific thought processes, the mind will see patterns and meanings that just aren’t there. 668 more words


Ask Coach Clark: How Important is Endurance?


Dear Coach Derrick Clark,
How important is Endurance? Mentally and physically?
How do you develop it?


Hi Latrice,

My quick answer would be that what separates the very elect is that they know how to use their mind. 116 more words