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News You Really Need To See: "New Protocol Seen as Barrier to Volunteers"

“New Protocol Seen as Barrier to Volunteers”

The New York Times, October 25, 2014, p.A1


“On Friday, in a surprising move, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York and Gov. 241 more words


Dem Bones

With October Feast soon coming to a close, I have to do at least one post on skeleton appreciation.

The skeletal system is made up primarily of bone and serves three main functions in the body: … 465 more words


Saturday night rant..

Hey you guys… Ain’t been on the blog since last week. What’s new? Hmm lets see. I have a new found love for weekly TV shows. 197 more words

Let Him Speak

Middle-aged swingers' 'drug-fuelled orgies' fuelling rise in STIs

Dutch study found half of older swingers admitted taking illegal substances 
Half had six or more partners in past six months but not used condoms… 30 more words

Pippa Middleton reveals four steps she uses to keep her toned behind in shape 

Pippa Middleton’s 30-minute total body workout includes ‘plié squats’
Each exercise takes two minutes, and a 30-second break is recommended 
The 31-year-old advises readers to do the routine three times a week   24 more words

St Vincent's Hospital performs transplant using dead hearts in breakthrough

Doctors at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney conduct world-first transplants 
Surgeons successfully brought three dead hearts back to life
The transplants were made possible using a preservation solution developed with the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute… 14 more words

Are YOU fat because your husband is a control freak? This woman put on four stone while married to a man who forced her to over-eat. And she is just one of thousands...

Maria-Louise Warne felt she had to eat large meals made by her ex-husband
She quickly went from a size 12 to a size 18 thanks to his indulgent cooking… 56 more words