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Building Coalitions To Further Animal Rights

Big Business causes most animal cruelty.
Big Business gets away with it because they bribe politicians.
Liberals want to prevent Big Business from controlling government. 105 more words

Whole Body Vibration Machine for Rehabilitation, Fitness and Beauty Care Uses

Sonicworld Co., Ltd. has advanced into the market for whole body vibration machines by using sonic wave (Sonix) to improve human health. Sonicworld has been also developing other healthcare equipment utilizing the Sonix technology through incessant efforts for R&D. 123 more words

Special Report

General Electric to investors: Obamacare is hurting our medical business

Well what did he expect?  He sucked up to Obummer and is getting his just rewards.  GE is now telling its investors that Obamacare is to blame for recent losses in the company’s health care division.