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Guilt-free Brownies

In high school, getting together with my girlfriends meant baking brownies. I can’t deny that I still love a chewy Betty Crocker brownie mix, but my lifestyle has changed quite a bit since then. 468 more words

Black Beans

Coconut Bliss Balls by Simone Baldwin

Ok folks, this is an extremely quick recipe with very few ingredients but a lot of yummy flavor.  It comes from Simone Baldwin, another wonderful Aussie, who has a website called Healthy, Gorgeous & Tipsy.   148 more words


"Get Up and Go" Review

YAY for my first review on my blogaroo! “Get Up and Go” was kind enough to send me four of their products to try out, and I want to share my thoughts on them! 576 more words

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein No-Bake Cheesecake

THIS was the best recipe YET. I promise you. Try it. Inspired by some Instagram friends – IShouldStartLifting (my apologies, I don’t know your name, man!) and… 52 more words

PB2 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls😍

PB2 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls (via Vegan Road Runner)

5 tbsp quick-cooking oats
2 tbsp PB2
1 tbsp chocolate chips
1 tbsp agave nectar (or use Truvia & add more water to compensate) 77 more words

Avocado Coconut Popsicles [RECIPE]

Delicious, healthy and refreshing, these popsicles are perfect for hot summer days. They’re super easy to make and I love not having to feel guilty when I crave a sweet treat. Enjoy!

Happy Body

Dessert for breakfast: healthy crumble

I’m a morning sweet tooth. Bam. It’s out.

Basically that means that as soon as I wake up I crave a huge breakfast which preferably tastes sweet. 310 more words