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Drink Up: Daily Tonics and Teas for Good Health

Two recent conversations inspired this post: hearing about a family member who suffered from dehydration after a long day in the sun without adequate fluids, and a friend who has been bothered by a recurring cold since she started working in a new office. 537 more words


Cucumber Water

In need of a healthy refreshment on a hot summer day? Nothing will refresh you quite like cucumber water will! This is how you make it: 123 more words

Healthy Option

[RECIPE] Infused Water

Are you ever hear about infused water? What is that and what is the purpose of it? 257 more words

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Tips to Keep Your Alcohol from Ruining Your Diet

Ever feel like you’re so good about getting to the gym and eating clean all week then you blow it on a night of drinking? You’re not alone! 227 more words

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My Son's Favorite "Red Juice" (secretly healthy)

Somewhere in between learning how to walk and say “no,” my son stopped enjoying his vegetables. Proud mommies who work hard to introduce healthy foods to their babies may be surprised by the combination of this evolutionary phase and exertion of will at the toddler phase. 243 more words


Green Smoothie with Calorie Count

Strawberry-Pear & Spinach Green Smoothie

I cut the strawberries in half and made a cup, which per the calorie count site is about 50 calories for raw, fresh strawberries. 204 more words

Green Green Juice

Hola chicos,
Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Thought I would share with you my very easy go to favorite yummy super healthy green juice (smoothie)! 161 more words