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Preperation is KEY!

I can honestly say that I agree that preparation is key! Taking any journey without a full mapped out plan will lead to many road blocks.  640 more words

Thoughts on Size, Health and Weight Loss

Let’s play a little game.  I’m going to share the stories of two (completely made up) women and you tell me which one you would guess is the healthiest. 825 more words


Healthy chicken curry

(First published on my personal blog on May 1st 2013)

Here is my recipe for a healthy, extremely yummy chicken curry

What you’ll need (for two servings) 350 more words


Day 2: April 17, 2014

Good morning! Or, afternoon.

I feel great this morning. I didn’t take the Gabapentin last night and woke up NOT feeling like I needed three more hours of sleep :) 622 more words

Can't put that chocolate bar down?

Published by 4trainz

We’ve all gone through this kind of problem before where we attempt to eat healthy, but then one day we can’t resist that delicious chocolate bar. 327 more words

Paleo Cocoa & Raisin Cookie Bites Recipe

So I’m taking part in The Daily Post’s Zero to Hero Blogging 101 course, and today’s assignment was to ‘write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.’ 186 more words


I (Was) a Treadmill Virgin

Can you say “procrastination?”  This is actually a pre-workout post because my legs are so freakin’ sore!

After 2 days of sweating with Jillian, I was ready to change things up yesterday.  474 more words