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New Breakfast Recipe

Being considered the “Food Police” has its benefits. It gets people talking with me about healthy food which I think is always a good thing. I usually get asked for ideas on healthy meals, but once in awhile I get a message from someone asking if I’ve ever tried a certain recipe. 548 more words

American Indian

7 Day Juice Fast Day 1

Man, man, man. What the hell did I just get myself into? Its definitely going to be harder that I thought. I hope everyone is right when they say, “Everything is hard the first day.” 315 more words


Decadent Date and Maple Slice

It’s a Sunday, how about some slice?

Recently I have been busy most Sundays making myself some healthy slices for the coming week to keep me away from those pesky chocolate bars. 287 more words

Fresh Posts

Saturday Smash!

Last night was a refreshing change. I didn’t feel like going out so instead I stayed home and watched a movie. Whenever my Husband goes out to DJ it is always tempting to get a take away or go and eat out with my friends. 81 more words

Weight Loss

Goals for Healthy Eating Habits

I am the sort of person that indulges in the unhealthy habit of eating chocolate, ice cream, popcorn, and anything sweet that I can get my hands on. 531 more words

Healthy Eating

January 24-24, 2015 - Winter...Over It!

Yesterday I did nothing at all…laid in bed most of the day recovering from a night of drinking. I’m not a drinker so a night of drinking consists of four drinks and I’m done hahahaha… 257 more words


Paleo Granola

Snacks are my favorite, but can get boring. My usual snacks include carrots, celery, Luna bars, and apples. I needed something else, so Paleo Granola is the way to go. 87 more words

Healthy Eating