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Healthy Eats: Smoked Salmon Pizza


I often get very bored with your typical healthy foods. After Miss America, I literally didn’t eat cottage cheese or tuna or MONTHS. 330 more words

Miss America

Open Faced Egg Sanwich

This little gem has all the right macros in all the right places! Really great, light, easy breakfast dish that incorporates everything your body needs to start the morning off right and is perfect for Spring/Summer.  89 more words


Literally the easiest meal ever

Put a whole chicken (buying it in pieces saves time) in the crock pot FROZEN.  Yes, frozen.  That is the key to this time saving meal. 86 more words

Healthy Eats

Hungry? Top five healthy places to eat around ASU campuses

By Kasey Kaler

If you’re anything like me, school makes you hungry all the time. If you’re anything like me you’re also operating on a thin budget with not much room to wiggle. 437 more words

Healthy Eating

What to do with the rest of your rotisserie chicken

Rommel and I had a had a good workout after work today and when we got home we completely attacked this store-bought rotisserie chicken. YES, we tore it apart and picked at it with our hands. 269 more words



I realized I need more protein in my diet… Went a little protein crazy at Costco…


What's for dinner?

Pan seared pork with cornchaff and side of garden salad

My number one advise I give to anyone that wants to start eating healthy is to cut out foods made out of wheat flour from their diet for atleast 30 days. 226 more words

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