Where's the Sodium?

Please take a look at this informative  info-graph.  Although the serving sizes seem to be larger than normal, it does quickly tell us where the sodium is found: namely processed and fast foods. 9 more words


Apple Cider Detox Water

Summertime is the happiest season to practice sports outside, to enjoy the sun, practice yoga in the park, renew the good energy, eat icecream, but also the season we should be careful to not dehydrate our bodies. 280 more words


Sneaky Sweet Snacks


When I moved to college, I began to crave sweets at night when I should have been sleeping. Living in Austin has opened my opportunities up to explore plenty a stores that contained whole and healthy foods. 284 more words

Conscious Cleanse

Staying Healthy While Traveling

Whether you are flying or on a road trip, one thing no one wants to bring home with them is a cold. When traveling, you are prone to be in places with far more germs than you would be exposed to under normal circumstances. 493 more words

Living Healthy

Health Benefits of Spices

Adding spices to your food can add to the flavor and give some pizazz to an otherwise bland meal. Besides adding some flavor to your meal-spices offer amazing health benefits in a small package. 430 more words

Living Healthy

The Best Recipes for Summer

We are about to enter the last full month of Summer which means if you haven’t gotten your fair share of endless days outside, lazy days on the beach, and addicting summer food it’s time to start taking advantage of the weekends and making plans. 694 more words