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G is for Granola, crunchy and zesty

I’ve always loved Granola, served with cool yogurt and topped with lots of fruits. I just never got around to making it at home. Now that I have, I doubt store bought granola would make it past our door step again. 283 more words


Millet and Maple Granola

Do you love granola for breakfast too? With a little splash of milk (dairy or plant based) or on some fresh yogurt? I absolutely do, and I just love the convenience about eating it as well, as it’s really fast and hassle-free, especially as I am always in a rush to get to work in the morning ;-) 399 more words


Sugar-Free, Oil-Free Banana Granola

I am intent upon claiming granola back as a healthy food!

As I’ve said before, granola should be healthy – after all, the main ingredients are oats and nuts – but for some reason it often has a hideous amount of oil and sugar added to it. 413 more words


Chia Seed and Agave Granola

I’ve recently discovered Chia seeds. And I’ve recently fell in love with Chia seeds. They are kind of a super food which fills you up with protein and fiber and can even curb hunger(!). 258 more words


Granola Galore!

This granola is one of my favs!  Its versatile, healthy and easy to make.  Use any nuts or dried fruits that you have on hand.  Keep it in an airtight container and enjoy all week long!   237 more words

Buckwheat, Hemp & Oats Granola

Learning that granola was, in fact, not a health food was quite possibly the most devastating loss of innocence I experience… at least in regards to growing out of my childlike state of blissful nutritional ignorance, and becoming an enlightened health-conscious adult. 741 more words