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MANELY LOVE MONDAY! Sept. 29, 2014

Volume 38: My Ma

Hey yall hey! – Let’s jump right in. Aside from my twin sissy, there is another lady of my life that enjoys my services for free and that’s my mom. 231 more words

Natural Hair Product Haul

Have you ever walked into a store for just one thing and walked out with several? No? Of course not, who does that, right!

My Monday post with consist of my Saturday Hair Haul information. 12 more words


How to Properly Care for Your Hair

One of the first things I notice about┬ásomeone during a first impression is their hair. We all go through several hair colours or too many heat styling tools, but we don’t take the time to let our hair recover… or maybe we don’t know how to properly care for our hair. 360 more words


Liebster Award | 3 Nominations | Thank You

Happy Sunday!

I was first nominated back in August for the Liebster Award by Danielle @ No More Ugly Hair but I never had the chance to follow up. 551 more words

My Hair

Yalmeh Phytoceramides-Premium Quality Plant Based Supplement Review

Great for stronger nails and hair. Have been using for a bit and have noticed that where my nails had been weakened from the acrylic that I used for so long, this stuff came right in an repaired. 231 more words

I Haven't Used Shampoo in 1 Month. Srsly.

I’m either crazy, or am on the brink of brilliance!

I haven’t used shampoo or conditioner in my hair in 4 weeks. None! I had a moment 4 weeks ago where I decided I was sick and tired of my hair falling out, being dry and brittle, and getting dirty so fast! 1,258 more words


The reason I had eggs for breakfast= DIY Avocado,egg and olive oil hair mask

This may seem strange, that I’m posting about what I had for breakfast this morning but bare with me.

Since I was a child, I always hated eggs. 314 more words

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