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Day 3 Cleanse Complete!

There is light at the end of the tunnel – day 3 is now complete!  Still have to make it through the night with NO cheating but I’m confident I can do it;).   52 more words


Let's See How This Goes...

Every Friday, I want to (try) to upload an interesting and inspiring video from the week. Let’s see how this goes..


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Pregnancy Powerfoods: #1 Broccoli - Recipe


I am not a lover of anything green or anything vegetables. In fact I will avoid them at all costs if at all possible. 509 more words


The Many Uses Of Vinegar

Some people like the idea of chemical free cleaners because they are safer while others just use them in a pinch. Here are some common household items and their many uses around the house. 402 more words

Mark Shuster

Should You Do a Juice Cleanse?

If you haven’t tried a juice cleanse yourself, you very likely know someone who has. Or at least you’ve heard about a celebrity who has—Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Blake Lively, and Daniel Craig are among the many stars who’ve jumped on the juicing bandwagon. 265 more words

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Cheats and Treats

How do you handle treats and cheats?  We all have something that we really love and can’t pass up no matter what.  So how do you handle it? 239 more words

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HIIT me with your Chaos stick

The final week of a month of fat-busting fitness. And I’m devastated that it’s nearly over. Although I’m absolutely exhausted, have a repetitive yawn injury and aching muscles, this period has truly been one of self-improvement, self-efficacy and self-discovery. 889 more words