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Panera Bread, Worse than a Big Mac? | Fooducate

Panera Bread, Worse than a Big Mac? | Fooducate.

Panera bread has an upscale image that automatically translates in many people’s minds to healthy food. 148 more words


Hidden Gem

That feeling when you a find a special article of clothing that you know you will not see others wearing and you know is really beautiful and unique……… 239 more words

Meatless Monday Recipes: Black Rice Pilaf with Apricot Dressing courtesy of inSHAPE

I still love white rice and indulge in it with sushi every once in a blue moon, but “fancy” rice has taken on a whole new meaning as the effects of refined carbohydrates have been underscored.


pitahaya: an easy summer snack

Are you looking for a quick, refreshing bite?

If so, try out the hydrating pitahaya . This delicious fruit is a delightful mix between a kiwi and a grape. 150 more words


In Praise of the Morning

Hey guys, remember this post? Yeah, me too. It’s been at the back of my mind for the 4+ (!) months since I wrote it. 290 more words


Marathon Training Plan Review: Hanson's Marathon Method

This post is the third in a series that reviews marathon training plans.  Each review is based on my experiences and opinions.  Your mileage may vary. 657 more words

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Weekly Fitness and Meal Plan #8 - Back at it!

After a wonderful vacation, I’m back at it for our meal planning this week!  This week, thankfully, looks to be a pretty normal week.

Fitness… 185 more words