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Be Transformed

Oftentimes, when we begin a new hobby or gradually incorporate a new lifestyle into the one we already possess, we become transformed. Throughout my 30 Day Immersion experience, I can say that I see this concept as being applicable to my life! 425 more words

Get HOOPING this SUMMER - History of the Hula Hoop

Author: Paula Scott

There are lots of ways to get exercise into your daily routine, but have you ever thought about hula hooping? It is a fun pastime that has been around longer than you may think! 595 more words


Creamy Taco Soup (5 Points)

I love this recipe because it’s easy (especially easy for me because my husband made it!) and it feels like you’re “cheating” but it’s all healthy ingredients :)  A great source of veggies and it can be topped with even more! 130 more words

My Friend, The Gym

I can sometimes be a bit intense and feel the need to be an over-achiever in situations where it’s not always necessary, and often it backfires. 544 more words

H2O, Drink Up.

Staying hydrated is a crucial element to good health. Our bodies are composed of about 60% water, so it’s no wonder that we benefit so much from staying hydrated. 183 more words

Healthy Living

What the...

Heck is going on with me lately.  I have gained 28 lbs in the past few months and over 50 in the past 16 months.  This is so not me – I am having trouble with motivation and gaining my go get em spirit back to a level ten like it used to be.   56 more words


6 Tips to Staying Fit When Busy


If you’re aiming to maintain a healthy body, chances are you are just as ambitious in other areas of your life too. Since being an all-around badass can keep you quite busy, I’ve put together these 6 tips to stay fit when time is tight. 1,363 more words