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Baby Fat

What are you babes doing to stay fit and healthy through all of this?? ¬†Obviously, once pregnant, I will happily gain a healthy amount of weight for the baby, but I’m reading more and more that that amount does not tend to be as much as we think it is. ¬† 312 more words

In Vitro Fertilization

Pregnancy Powerfoods: #1 Broccoli - Recipe


I am not a lover of anything green or anything vegetables. In fact I will avoid them at all costs if at all possible. 509 more words


Baby has found my ribs!

This last two days my little dude has officially found my ribs – it creeps me out.

I love feeling him kick, but I am so used to him being breech where all the kicks were down low, now he has moved and become more active I feel him kicking away at my ribs and it makes me feel soo nauseas. 47 more words


Recipe: Beat the headaches, healthy carb snacks!

People often think you cannot eat hummus when pregnant due to the bacteria Listeria, however if you make the hummus from home it can be absolutely fine & is a perfect healthy snack. 227 more words

Healthy Pregnancy

Foods That Cook and Freeze Well

As the title states this blog is all about meal prep. I don’t really prep full meals, but mostly ingredients that take longer to cook. … 422 more words

Recipe: Homemade Gluten Free Granola

Lately I’ve found myself feeling really lethargic from oats, so I switched to gluten free oats and I’ve been feeling much better since.

I usually have porridge for breakfast, but this morning I fancied something really tasty and crunchy, so I made my very own gluten free granola and it did not disappoint! 104 more words



Last weekend my daughter and I attended the baby shower of a friend who moved from our hometown in California to Georgia, where her husband serves in the armed forces. 327 more words

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