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Body confidence when pregnant

Snappy title there huh!

As somebody who often blogs about ‘body confidence’ in the media, and my own problems with body confidence, being pregnant has been an interesting experience for me. 374 more words

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Alcohol and Nicotine during Pregnancy: Long term ADHD affects for your baby

It is widely known that pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid alcohol and cigarettes. Alcohol can affect brain development in the fetus and can cause… 440 more words


5 Signs Of Calcium Deficiency You Shouldn't Ignore

If you have strong bones and teeth, you can thank calcium for that. Calcium is an essential mineral that your body needs not only for bone and tooth health, but your body also uses calcium to stabilize blood pressure and regulate the heartbeat. 462 more words

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My First Stretch marks #35weeks

Every woman dreads them.

Most women get them.

It is a fact that we are lucky if we only get a few – I know I for one have checked each part of my hips / bump/bottom & legs whilst applying stretchmark cream nightly – so in light of this I think I haver done pretty well to have gotten to 35 weeks and only found one stretch mark on my right hip. 31 more words


Fighting Preg Fatigue: 8 Easy Ways to Feel Energetic During Month 8

I’m entering month 8 of my pregnancy, and I must say that I just feel tired more easily. If you’re approaching the end of your 3rd trimester, you know what I mean. 899 more words


New Moms Show!

I am so excited that we will be at the New Moms Show September 21!

We will have a booth set up, wrapping station, free samples, and of course Give-A-Ways!! 26 more words


3 Tips To Prep Your Mind & Body For Childbirth

Labor can be a long and stressful process for any woman bringing a child into the world, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  There are several activities that a woman can participate in during pregnancy to prepare her body for labor.   447 more words

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