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Healthy Pregnancy - 13 Weeks

I am excited to announce that we are expecting a new member in our family. Over the next several months I invite you to join the journey of the baby bump growth. 317 more words


Pregnant Women and the Flu: Why Influenza Is More Dangerous for Expectant Moms

Only 50% of pregnant women get the flu vaccine, but they’re among the most vulnerable to influenza. When mothers-to-be catch the virus, they tend to get much sicker than other healthy adults, and it increases their risk for delivering prematurely. 360 more words

Orgasm During Pregnancy – It is Safe?

Orgasm during pregnancy – Pregnant women, especially first-time mothers, may be concerned about having sex during pregnancy.

An even bigger concern for some woman is having an orgasm during pregnancy, because many people are under the false impression that an orgasm can cause premature labor. 385 more words



Summer is officially over (at least in Calgary where we have already had our first snow fall) and No Baloney is back posting after our busy  “holiday”! 428 more words

Flavour Of The Week

Will I ever be me again?

I know I have always thought 9 months to prepare for a baby is perfect – why do people whine? But now it is happening to me – I TOTALLY get it! 152 more words


Playground Workout!

Found this great workout for mommas at the playground! Use your time wisely when hanging with the kids!

Fit Mom

25 Weeks!

WOWZA!  As I upload these bump photos, I can’t get over how big my bump got since the last time I posted.  Baby S measures at about 13.5 inches and weighs approximately 1.5 lbs.  930 more words