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Healthy Pregnancy

Being pregnant comes with a lot of perks – but it also comes with risks.

Take care of your growing baby and your own body. Having a healthy pregnancy doesn’t have to be hard. 148 more words

The Way Up

What I Ate Wednesday: Getting Some Veggie Love

Guys, I’ve seriously been slacking. Apart from my awesome whole food/all-natural prenatal vitamins, poor Baby M is getting very little veggie-based nutrition these days. I just can’t help it; carbs (and Cadbury eggs) are delicious! 370 more words


pregnancy eats

these first two photos are just to show how fruit crazy i have been this past week. i am so excited for farmer’s market season to be starting up and for fresh, local fruits to flood our life. 168 more words

Yum Yum Eat Good

My Bipolar Pregnancy

I had a friend recently contact me and in essence ask me, “How did you do it? How did you get pregnant and not be on medication?” or “How did you do so well on your pregnancy?” The short simple answer is I didn’t. 2,242 more words

pregnancy eats

getting high protein snacks and foods into my diet has been a running theme for this pregnancy. and i love it when my zero waste… 188 more words


Q&A: Can I Conceive With PCOS?

Q: I have PCOS and would like to have a baby. What can I do? – Rachael J.

A:  With PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) the ovaries produce higher than normal amounts of androgens, and this can interfere with egg development and release. 173 more words

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Vitabiotics Pregnacare Conception Review

Before trying to conceive I always take Vitabiotics Pregnacare Conception Tablets. It is important for me to take the right things and eat as healthily as possible to give my pregnancy the best chance of succeeding. 1,604 more words

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