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50 Shades of Sacred-Part 2

If you haven’t already done so please go back and read Part 1. Here are 10 more reasons why “Sex is Sacred.”

  1. God considers adultery an outrageous act…
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Sex Is Sacred

50 Shades of Sacred--Part 1

Before I present to you “50 Shades of Sacred” I want to answer this question: “What does it mean for something to be sacred?” As with any word, sacred has more than one definition. 553 more words

Healthy Sexuality


Another angle in this war on sacred sex is the claim that those who do not embrace and support a variety of sexual practices are considered intolerant. 515 more words

Healthy Sexuality

The Enemy Despises All that is Sacred

It is important for us to understand that sex is a wonderful, pleasurable, amazing gift from our loving Creator! Jesus reminds us that the enemy has come to “steal, kill and destroy” (see John 10:10). 353 more words

Healthy Sexuality

De-criminalize sex work...

Came across this interesting article today proclaiming the glories of the Swedish laws on prostitution; laws, which the article claims, has “reduced” prostitution significantly in Sweden. 730 more words