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Flossing: There is a Right Way and a Wrong Way

No matter how hard the bristles of your brush are or aggressive the technique you use to brush, brushing your teeth alone will not clean between the teeth. 673 more words

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Tartar Buildup: An Overview

Many people ask the question “What is tartar buildup?” Gum disease and tooth decay are the result of plaque on teeth, which becomes tartar if not removed by flossing and brushing. 398 more words

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Why Healthier Teeth May Mean Healthier Lungs

Practicing proper dental hygiene is important for not only the health of your teeth, but also the health of your lungs. This is especially true if you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 250 more words

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How to Fight Tartar Effectively

The first thing that people often notice about you is your smile-and teeth full of tartar wouldn’t make for a great smile. Tartar isn’t just unsightly to look at, it also contributes to the formation of teeth cavities and gum diseases. 402 more words

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3 Ways Parents Can Help Their Kids Have Healthier Teeth

As parents, one of the most important things to us is that our children are in the best health; whether it is physically or emotionally. This also includes making sure that our kids are in the best dental health as well. 432 more words

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Insulating a Cavity Wall

Cavity Walls and Thermal Performance

If you have ever wondered how to insulate a cavity wall, know first that this process can drastically improve the overall thermal performance of your home, that is it can lead to much warmer winters and cooler summers, all followed by lower electricity bills and environmental protection due to the lower CO2 emissions. 587 more words

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