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Ask Coach Jackie: Can I “make up” for weekend splurges?

Answer: The weekend represents about 30 percent of the week, so too many slip-ups will put you on bad terms with the scale. Case in point: Dieters usually lose weight during the week, but stop losing weight on the weekend because they ate too much. 67 more words

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This Year's Holiday Food Pleasures and Disappointments

It’s two days after Christmas, the kids are gone, the house is quiet, and I am looking back at the eating pleasures and disappointments of this year’s eating experience.   727 more words

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Get More Information about Diet to Lose Weight Fast

Diets for getting more fit quick are extremely popular on the grounds that they guarantee fast weight reduction with little exertion. While some of these get-healthy plans are not beneficial, and can even be unsafe, there are some fast weight reduction eating regimens can truly be effective. 516 more words

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"Coffee is far more than a beverage" and food is almost never simply fuel.

I had coffee with a friend recently.   Retreating from the cold Wisconsin weather, we settled in, warmed up, and savored the wonders of our steamy beverages:  the taste and warmth of the drinks, to be sure, but also the experience of connection in a cozy setting. 445 more words

Healthy Weight Loss Tips