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Get More Information about Diet to Lose Weight Fast

Diets for getting more fit quick are extremely popular on the grounds that they guarantee fast weight reduction with little exertion. While some of these get-healthy plans are not beneficial, and can even be unsafe, there are some fast weight reduction eating regimens can truly be effective. 516 more words

Best Diet For Fat Loss

"Coffee is far more than a beverage" and food is almost never simply fuel.

I had coffee with a friend recently.   Retreating from the cold Wisconsin weather, we settled in, warmed up, and savored the wonders of our steamy beverages:  the taste and warmth of the drinks, to be sure, but also the experience of connection in a cozy setting. 445 more words

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating: Not the Usual List

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of reading the re-runs of holiday eating tips this time of year.  Every time I see the teasers on the cover of every magazine in the grocery store rack, I can’t resist looking to see if anyone has come up with something different than “Bring a veggie tray to the party” or “Don’t go to a party hungry.” 446 more words

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Is holiday time a bad time to start making lifestyle changes?

What do you think? I hear a lot of people making statements like “I know the holidays are a bad time to start anything . . 277 more words

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Don't take my green tea latte away!

Imagine a favorite pleasure food, one you can truly savor and enjoy without losing control.  Is it a small piece of dark chocolate?  Or does chocolate of any kind cause you to lose control too much to truly savor it?  444 more words

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Sparkly Pink Jeans and Food Cravings

Let me tell you a quick story, one recently told to me by a young woman as we discussed a topic unrelated to eating . . 335 more words

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

3 Healthful Weight Loss Tips

1)                  Add half hour of exercise 6 days per week.  Get up early, power walk at lunch, take a fitness class, ride your bike, go for a jog.. 91 more words

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