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A Delicious Green Smoothie

So I did it.  I’ve officially started my little vegan challenge!  I’ll give you a quick recap of my morning.  I’ve always had really developed quads (and legs in general I guess) from all of the sports I played in high school.   234 more words

skinny vs. athletic

At the moment, I’m a new superhero : superbusy! I’m in Luxembourg city all day because of my internship and when I get back in the evening, I’m all busy planning my boyfriend’s upcoming birthday or going to the gym or actually seeing the people I love. 420 more words

Alexandra Bring

Gluten Free & Paleo: Eating too many nuts? via /r/Paleo

I’ve found nuts are a good way to snack (peanuts specifically) but I’m wondering if I’m overdoing it?

Yesterday I was bloated like crazy, to the point where it was making me feel I was going to gag. 113 more words


Problem: Need an herbicide that can cover about 3,000 sqft without spending so much money via /r/organic

My garden get’s COVERED with weeds during the summer. I’ve been working hard to improve the soil, even going no-till to help prevent uncovering of weeds. 43 more words


New subreddit for people following grain-free, sugar free diets (but don't neatly fit into the paleo box): /r/grainfree [x-post /r/keto] via /r/Paleo

I just made a new subreddit for people who follow grain-free, sugar-free diets in all their forms: /r/grainfree

/r/Paleo and /r/keto are a wonderful subs, but there are people who don’t neatly fit into the paleo/keto box (i.e., can’t afford grassfed meat, eat full-fat dairy, etc), and I wanted to make a place where people could post without having to sheepishly couch things in “I know this isn’t technically paleo, but…” 38 more words


Alene's Skinny Fiber Before & After

“I’m Alene and this is my 90 day Challenge I lose 12 pounds and 18 inches. It is coming off slow but I am changing a lot of bad eating habit . 32 more words

Breaniel is now on Instagram!!

Good Morning to everybody!
I was looking into many other blogs and noticed that many of them have Instagram accounts to compliment their blog and I didn’t see why I shouldn’t make an account for us as we have plenty of pictures to share with you all! 255 more words