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Power Birthday

Birthday Weekend / Karbach Brewery Co. / Tacky America Wall / Portobello Mushroom Burgers / Catching Dreams / Drinking Games


What We Work For.

When we decide that enough is enough, that health is a priority, that life is too short and there is more to this thing than what we had painfully accepted as reality, change comes. 143 more words

What is your favorite fermented food? via /r/Paleo

They apparently have great probiotic effects.

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Australian Paleo treats via /r/Paleo

If there are any paleo australians here, you should check out the Glebe market on Saturdays. 80raw 20 paleo has a stand there, and wow! They have paleo granola, and treats that are crazy delicious! 29 more words


Paleo 14 and 15

2 weeks in, wow time flies!

So Sunday was a pretty uneventful day. I actually planned the day to be as lazy as possible.  Like I mentioned before, I wanted to make sure that days where I don’t work out I keep my carbs low. 733 more words


396: happy of yourself

I did an exercise, and I am very sore, but yay! Why bother comparing myself with fit people?

WD14: Jillian Michaels Online, Level 1

  • Workout Day: 14
  • Activity: Jillian Michaels Online, Level 1
  • Duration:   46 minutes
  • Calories Burned: 385

Yesterday was my Rest Day (didn’t bother posting, but I did indeed rest… from working out anyway) and I am back at it today! 183 more words