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Prawn Salad

So for the first proper post on my blog I’ve decided to share a recipe for a very simple prawn salad that I absolutely love :) when I’m writing a recipe from memory rather than an actual cook book I usually don’t know how to give the right quantity of ingredients as I often just measure things by eye. 208 more words


Wanting to try Paleo for the first time.. need good tips. via /r/Paleo

I’ve never really been on a decent diet in my life. ive just tried to cut calories on whatever i’m eating until the point where i actually starve myself and then i turn around and eat shitloads of crap for a given time gaining all my lost weight back, if not more… So now i’ve done some research and paleo seems like a great diet for me, as it seems easy enough and gives room for me to learn a lot of cooking recipes. 44 more words


Health and fitness - 10 tips for running

For the last couple of months my partner Kevin and I have been focusing on improving our health and fitness. We’ve overhauled our diet and started an intensive exercise program as part of the… 985 more words


Raw coconut chocolate salted caramel slice

It’s been a week since I moved to Melbourne and I’ve finally settled into my own place. As I’m working in the CBD, it has been great exploring new cafes and have already found some that will become my go-to places for coffee and lunch during the week. 668 more words

Gluten Free

Green Juice Recipe

Here is a recipe for my green juice I usually make once or twice a day. Enjoy!

  • Half a Cucumber
  • 2-3 Celery Stalks
  • 1 Green Apple…
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Lets talk about shelf life? via /r/Paleo

Food safety is pretty important to me and I am slowly trying to be more and more lenient with myself assessing risks before eating old foods. 153 more words