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Daily motivation (25 photos)

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By Pastor David Rey Limas

If you prefer not to take so many different vitamins individually, you might want to purchase a quality daily vitamin regiment that contains a high enough concentration or dosage of each necessary vitamin. 1,847 more words

Live Life Without Negativity

To live a mentally healthy life all negativity has to be shut out. If you have friends who put you down in any type of way get rid of those friends those negative friends will not give you the confidence you need to grow. 149 more words


Healthy Calzone

Here is my recipe to make a healthy calzone. Feel free to substitute the vegetables that I used for your favorite veggies.

Start out with a ball of pre made pizza dough. 182 more words


Vegan Hommus with rosemary sweet potato fries!

HOMAGAWD! This hommus recipe is soooo scumpdiddly! Normally i would eat the black swan store bought hommus from woolworths. But after looking at the ingredients list i found out there was a lot of GMO ingredients, additives and chemical preservatives yuck! 210 more words


Recipe of the day: Superfood(ish) Salad

It’s ish because I’m fairly certain that for anything to be classed as ‘superfood’ there needs to be at least a bunch of kale and some toasted Pretentious Nuts (sold only in the Knightsbridge branch of Waitrose, next to the herbs that nobody knows how to cook with). 329 more words


Being a Mum Can Be Bad For Your Health

The woman in front of me looked stressed, her eyes glanced from the pile of eighty five gram tins of tuna she had piled onto  the conveyor belt, past me to grocery aisle behind us. 456 more words