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If you don't see a door opening, make your own!

Good morning!

Sometimes the biggest mistake we make is waiting for opportunities to come our way. We wait for that manager to resign or that person to get fired or we wait till the beginning of the year to start goals. 202 more words


Thanksgiving Short-week Plan!

I am so excited Thanksgiving week is here! Christmas is my favorite holiday, but Thanksgiving has always been a close second. I love spending time with family and reflecting on God’s uncountable blessings and what I am thankful for. 300 more words


Taking Shots and Getting Sweaty

Today has gone from family day to Sunday funday. The last day to have fun before most people’s five days of haze. I would say Sunday funday for the average college student like myself would consist of shots of liquor, getting sweaty on the dance floor, grubbing down on pub food, and then a nap with a realization that you’ve wasted your entire day. 372 more words


Breakfast recipe - scrambled egg on granary toast with soft cheese, tomato and kale

This is a simple and quick recipe for a yummy late breakfast!

Ingredients (serves 1)
-2 slices of granary bread
-2 eggs
-light soft cheese… 101 more words


First Day Nerves


                           Before I take you on a trip down memory lane, I want to say that I, like many others, spent years making excuses to put off improving my fitness until “tomorrow” (aka the mystical land of never). 1,882 more words

Sandwich to GO!

Ok so I still have problems to eat most of the things so when I have to have lunch in like 5 minutes and don’t have anything prepared Im kind of fucked…. 33 more words


Breakfast recipe: muesli, Greek style yoghurt and strawberries

This is a simple idea for a great breakfast.

-Muesli (any shop-bought or home made, but try find some with as low sugar as possible for a healthier breakfast) 74 more words