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I Been Drinking

“I been drinking, I been drinking” (in my best BeyoncĂ© voice ha!)

The only thing I’ve been drinking lately (well besides water and green tea) are smoothies! 355 more words


September 15-20 Fitness and Meal Plan

How is everyone’s week going so far? I had yesterday off of work, and I have today off too! So for me, the week has been great :) I thought I would share my fitness and meal plan for the week, since it’s a short-ish work week for me and I don’t want to fall into the trap of spending too much money on random groceries! 495 more words


Monday is here! Time to start!

We always say…
“Ill start my diet Monday…”
“Ill start working out Monday…”
“Ill start setting goals on Monday…”

Well…guess what…Monday is here!
Time to start setting those goals! 251 more words


I’ve just come back from Paris! The city of love <3 I went to visit some family that lives there (part of my family is French). 311 more words


Men's Health and Fitness

Disclaimer: If lazying around is your workout, sleep walking is your running into slimmer self and bread is chapati for you then reading this blog might cause you to face reality and at no point do we take charge of the overwhelming reaction that readers can have post gaining knowledge about a newer world. 102 more words


4 Tips to a Healthy Lifestyle

When people talk about wanting to start living a healthier lifestyle, I try to think of ways that helped me through my weight loss journey that I know will definitely help other people, so what better way than to give you four tips that helped me through my journey. 377 more words


Food, Fitness, and Wedding!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope it was a great weekend for all of you. I thought I would write a post just as an update of my life, eats, and workouts lately! 422 more words