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Growth and Challenges of the Medical 3-D Printing Industry

Over the past two decades, 3-D printing has grown from a niche technology to a multibillion-dollar industry. The manufacturing process was developed in the 1980s as a way to produce small volumes of scale models but has since expanded to include the manufacturing of medical devices and implants for surgical and clinical use. 180 more words


New Hearing Aids that are Compatible with Apple Products

(CNN) – People wait in long lines and even camp out to get their hands on new Apple devices as soon as they’re available. But they drag their feet, sometimes for years, when it comes to purchasing another piece of technology that could greatly improve their lives: hearing aids. 127 more words

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Big Savings on Hearing Aids

A friend of mine recently saved 90% on his first hearing aid! Here’s what happened: He had noticed some hearing loss in one ear, and the audiologist he visited suggested a single-ear aid. 582 more words


Thankfullness and Happiness Day 23

Today I am thankful that for 41 years I could hear with a hearing aid. Two years ago I became deaf. Before living in a world of total silence, I was able to hear my husband say his wedding vows to me. 47 more words

It's All About Perspective

I’ll never forget the words my father said to me after he sat in the sound booth with me during my hearing test in May 2013: 1,083 more words

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You Are Not Alone

When I was first told I needed a hearing aid, the last thing I wanted was for other people to know about it. I felt like I was the only person in the world with this ‘problem’ and that it was a private matter and not something I wished to discuss with other people. 617 more words

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The Auditory Steady State Response Hearing Test Much More

Diagnosis of children’s brain development is actually definitely painful and time consuming for parents. From the first day an individual have take kid to watch your family doctor, to time you exactly what type of brain development disorder which your child has, may possibly possibly come cross many “wrong” diagnosis and suggested to take your child to see one specialist after the next. 338 more words