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Sometimes lately I have been feeling down. Really down. Way down. I am finding it difficult to keep positive in the face of adversity and for those that know me and are following this blog, they will know that this is not the usual me. 541 more words

Buying a Hearing Aid in Bulleen-Some Tips for You

With so many options available today in Bulleen, buying a cheap hearing aid, which meets your lifestyle, needs and budget may be a challenging one. Here are a few tips, which can help you find a good hearing aid provider in Bulleen and choose the right aid at an affordable price. 406 more words

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Electro-acoustic stimulation

Recently, Med-EL released the new SONNET processor. The awesome part about this processor is that it can be used as a cochlear implant only, or as a cochlear implant with acoustic element – the SONNET EAS. 325 more words

Ponto-Wearing Superhero Shares His Confidence with the World

What would any 6-year-old boy say about being featured in a comic book? “It’s awesome,” said Anthony Smith about being the inspiration for the Marvel superhero “Blue Ear.” 638 more words


Different Types of Hearing Loss

There are several kinds of hearing loss. In this blog I am going to discuss about the most common types such as sensorineural hearing loss, conductive hearing loss and mixed hearing loss. 301 more words


Shaking Shambles

Finally, I have started to get some idea of the mess that the summer operation has left behind. Unfortunately, until the hospital finds my notes, I am unable to move on and accept why I now find myself profoundly deaf in one ear - when I had expected to be of the same quality, or better, hearing after the operation. 309 more words