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The first day of the rest of my life

I opened the box and just sat for a while, staring at the little silver objects that would, I hope, change my life. It wasn’t nervousness I was feeling, at least not too noticeably, but rather sadness; sadness for a period of my life that was going to be over as soon as I put them on. 593 more words


Time will tell

I am feeling scared. Excited. Worried. My hearing aids arrive tomorrow and I will be taking the step into the world of digital hearing. My mood is currently swinging from one emotion to another. 240 more words


Savvy hearing aids

Hearing aids today have come a long way in the past 10 years. They are now so small in size that they can be placed right inside the ear. 317 more words


Help for "Soft Talkers"

I went to the audiologist with my 90-year-old mom last week. Jennifer is smart, thorough, and takes the time to be personable. She originally took up audiology – the fitting and servicing of hearing aids — as a way to supplement her income as a yoga instructor. 478 more words


A big day

So today I bought my first pair of hearing aids.

I’m thirty-three.

It’s not something you expect, naturally. Despite the fact that so many people have hearing problems and use hearing aids, there is still some kind of stigma attached to them. 256 more words