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Scholarships for the Hearing Impaired

by Divya Wodon, Naina Wodon, and Quentin Wodon

Being deaf affects one’s opportunities and one’s ability to live and function in society. One of the most unique institutions in the United States serving the hearing impaired is Gallaudet University, an undergraduate and graduate school located in Washington, DC, that only accepts deaf students and whose staffs and teachers are also deaf. 315 more words


Struggle for speech therapy support

By Jessie Chiang

When Mono Penewi discovered that her daughter Adrienne was partially deaf at age 8, speech therapy immediately became a distressing issue.

Because of Adrienne’s hearing impairment she missed out on important developments in her speech earlier on, leaving her with a low comprehension level and extreme difficulty with pronunciation of words and communicating effectively. 622 more words


Hearing Loss & Spirituality

I am hearing impaired. There, I said it. The one thing about myself that I have always tried my best to hide and hated about myself for a long time. 933 more words

The Story of My Hearing Loss: Part 2—Surgery

Growing up I was never told much about my hearing loss. Just that I had bone and nerve damage, and that I had mild/moderate loss. I wasn’t told percentages (though I did find it written in one place that I had a 40% loss, a number that means nothing to me) and I wasn’t taught how to read an audiogram. 807 more words


Speech Therapy-Should it be Government Funded? #poj14

Yesterday I asked another question on Facebook regarding my news story. My first question was about services for deaf children had an interesting response. There were a lot of suggestions for different areas of every day life which would really help hearing impaired children. 113 more words


Free Amplified Phone Program Available - Oct 14-15 - Pittsfield, IL

Illinois has a free amplified phone program. West Central Illinois Area on Aging will be at the Pike County Senior Services office in fellowship hall First Christian Church Tuesday and Wednesday, October 14-15 so anyone can try out several different amplified phones to see which best suits their needs. 63 more words

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