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Hearing in nonprofessional pop/rock musicians.

A follow up on last weeks post about how music can be used as an aid to help fight hearing loss. When thinking of sound in general, there is always a risk when people do not take the important precautions. 164 more words

Loud Music

Music for Hearing Loss

A study published by the journal of Hearing found that people who played musical instruments were much better at differentiating between sounds and hearing sounds better then a person who did not play an instrument. 304 more words

Loud Music

Hard to Please

Apologizing in advance for what one has cooked for dinner is so feeble. I hate it. Never apologize! Take no prisoners! Bring me echoes of every man I have known, on a platter, with parsley. 690 more words


Ashray Akruthi - A Boon for the Hearing Impaired

Had an opportunity to visit a special school for differently-abled kids: Ashray Akruthi, a non-profit organisation working for hearing impaired children from underprivileged background. It was as part of the Social Saturday event where we try to give back something to the community. 186 more words


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Quota International of East Memphis

Quota International of East Memphis volunteered at the opening reception of the newly established Deaf Family Literacy Academy. After months of hard work on the part of Sonia Howley, Programme Director, and many others, Memphis received a $70,000 grant from Volunteer America to provide mentors to assist families of hearing-impaired children. 163 more words

Quota International

Family Christmas Dinner

Because my older brothers are busy Christmas day, we had Christmas dinner together today and I was a bit apprehensive when I first found out but about 2 days ago my mood drastically lifted and I welcomed hypomania. 738 more words