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Folding Fitted Sheets and "Good 'Nuff"

My newlywed daughter bragged to me recently that her husband can fold a fitted sheet. Pressing for details I found out that he evidently can fold them where they are laying flat. 1,390 more words

Hearing Loss

Social Isolation

I have been recently searching through various articles, books, blogs, and videos to get a general sense of the biggest challenge having a hearing loss entails. 1,708 more words


Malcolm: "I was 80 years old when I finally got smart and got my Baha sound processors!"

Malcolm Simon from New Jersey, USA, was born with 50% hearing loss in one ear and a little less in the other. Growing up in the 1940s and 50s, people with hearing loss were viewed quite differently than they are today. 396 more words

Hearing Loss


You can begin hearing better “TODAY”.  Don’t miss another word! Call (800) 373-4171 and have your hearing tested today.  Start on you path to better hearing with the Doctors of Audiology at FresHearing located in Pembroke Pines.  44 more words

Hearing Aids

The Unexpected Pros of a Hearing Loss

While this blog highlights the challenges of having a hearing loss, every now and then a few surprising pros come along. Please note that the majority of these pros become more significant once you become an advocate for yourself.  573 more words


An open letter to a teacher: it takes two

When dealing with disabilities in the classroom, many of us students are ashamed to advocate for ourselves because we are young, insecure, and still learning about the world around us. 1,105 more words


Self Advocacy Heals

When advocacy comes to mind, we often think of petitioning, rallying, and fundraising for special causes such as civil rights or the environment. We may also think about rallying for other people and their challenges or goals. 840 more words