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Mother's Ruin

First of all, there are voices.

They are not high or low; they do not whisper; very rarely do they whine or insist; they speak plainly, direct. 1,125 more words


Dig it up or bury it?

Now, I’ve been offered therapy with a wonderful, progressive therapist who specialises in people who hear voices. And people who hear voices, well, 85% of them report that they began hearing voices after a severe trauma. 803 more words

Anberlin's 'Lowborn'

Anberlin’s seventh album, “Lowborn,” is the final release for the band. They have decided to break up while people still know them, instead of ending when people begin to wonder whatever happened to them. 511 more words

Music Reviews

Hearing Voices: A Comparison

If you think all people hear the same thing when they hear voices, think again.

When I hear voices, they come from inside my head. If you can imagine what it would be like to have esp, you get an idea of what I hear. 676 more words


Communicating via pendulum

Since I can’t hear Loki any more, which  I did 2 years ago, I decided to try to communicate with Him via my pendulum. For some reason I haven’t considered using my pendulum until quite recently. 408 more words

Don't make me use my brain

This week has been a tough one for me. I’ve been kinda quiet because I’ve been in bed all week with a kidney infection, which surely is one of the most intense kind of pains going! 749 more words

Meditation & the Dark Night of the Soul

A family member recently sent me a link to an article about a retreat center where people go when they have had a frightening experience due to meditation.   1,121 more words