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Rachel's recovery from psychiatric labelling and unnecessary treatment

After suffering abuse as a child Rachel began to hear voices while a teenager and went to a psychiatrist for help. Years of hospital and drug treatment followed.

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Mental Health

How to Cope with Voices?

Hi readers, I need some help/advice please!

Lately, I’ve been experiencing really horrible voices telling me to kill myself and other horrible things and they are very loud and distressing. 22 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Does "January" Have Schizophrenia or Is it Her Family That is Disturbed?

I first saw videos of January on Youtube years ago, and I was appalled by the inappropriate nature of taping your supposedly disturbed child. I was also skeptical. 6,197 more words



This World Hearing Voices Day we are holding an event called

Wonderful ways for Wellbeing.

Held at the Grey Lynn Library Hall, we will have a collection of nonmedical ways of increasing the wellbeing of those who experience Voices and Visions in the community. 127 more words

The Tyranny of "Normal"

Not by any means a novel concept, but one that has been even more deeply etched into my heart these past few months, is the extent to which our definition of  ‘sane’ and ‘normal’ is an effective means of social control. 1,988 more words

Musings And Rants

A Working Theory of Human Personality

Who am I to posit a working theory of human personality? I am just a husband who had only a smattering of psych discussions in classes more than 25 years ago on the subject (so reader beware! 1,047 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Hearing voices

The Guardian Books blog tells us that, as part of a study into the phenomenon of hearing voices, the University of Durham is conducting a survey into readers’ experiences.  47 more words