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To Always Be Reminded

25th July 2014

Recent phase taught me how negative I can easily be when surrounded by negative people because human beings are vulnerable and I did not ask for protection. 39 more words


God's Scrapbook of Love

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.       Matthew 6:21  (NKJV)

Our photos are important – they act as a reminder of the people we love; family and friends, special occasions, vacations, houses we called home, pets and all the important moments of life. 494 more words

Maureen Hager

My mother

Tonight I’m thinking about my mom. The only one I’ve known thus far; the one who raised me. It’s been just over a week since I made the move to Oregon and it was nice to see a long newsy email from her in my inbox the other day.


Love & Phases

ツ Love & Phases

Divine or materialistic, love goes through the phases of ups

and downs !! – J N

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Love & Phases by J N
November’s Petrichor
20th July 2014

Random Thoughts

Love At First Sight !!

ツ Love at first sight !!

I have never experienced love at first sight
I have never known how love at first sight feels
But what I’ve experienced; is that a heart never lies ! 57 more words

Random Thoughts

CoQ10 With My Statin Drug?

Any cell that uses a lot of energy (has a lot of mitochondria) requires Co-Enzyme Q10 (AKA: ubiquinone). What cells use a lot of energy? Heart cells! 65 more words

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