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Sweat dripping rapidly from my pores
I’m sick with this feeling of desire
Balled up in pain from abstinence
Love cramps making my focus blur… 253 more words


i broke it every time

My one heart hurt another. So only one life can’t be enough.
Can you give me just another, for that one who got away.
There’ll be no rest for the wicked, there’s no song for the chior… 93 more words


I'm Sorry

Manusia…oh manusia! Kadang ia┬ákuat, tapi di sisi lain ia bisa dengan mudah menjadi lemah. Imannya kadang tinggi mencapai langit, namun sering juga jatuh ke dasar bumi. 313 more words


Interior Design

Spending time looking at self is not the easiest or most comfortable action to take, especially not in the beginning. Taking a good long look in the mirror can teach us all a thing or too, if we accept the truth that we see. 161 more words


A Turkish Poem, Inspired by an American Girl


The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.
- John 1:5

Riding the ferry home in the dark
the rush of cool air forces me to breathe. 150 more words


Love me first

The relationship that determines the health of all other relationships is the one that we have with ourselves. What we see in ourselves, what we do for ourselves, how we love ourselves is sewn into the fabric of everyone we relate or don’t relate to. 259 more words



If the sun is out and your fear is inventing rain then take a moment and let your heart invent an umbrella.