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ले रहा मन उछाह
भावनाओं के प्रहर में
दिल ने कहा, लिख ले कुछ
दे अपनी कलम से, भावनाओं को कुछ नये रंग
डूब जा, शब्दों के सागर में,


New leaf.

She sat waiting for dinner,  alone as usual.  The print on one plate slowly faded but the other plate was as good as new.

Mornings were as lonely as the nights and evenings too.  41 more words


Here I Am

Here I am for the whole world to see
Here I stand, I can handle whatever you throw at me
Because I can be everything I want to be…
122 more words



As my past lovers whizzed by me,  like the wind on a stormy day,
I intently watched as you walked by,  would you leave or were you here to stay? 51 more words



As the memory etched into the Polaroid,  the picture became clear,
What at one point wasn’t important, today it became dear.


Past, present, future.

Don’t live in the past, hop on to the bus, you said,
It wasn’t easy, it never was…  But I followed, as you unwittingly led. 46 more words


Yesterday's tales.

Words unsaid, letters that weren’t sent,
The hole in your heart,  the love that left a dent.

Empty glasses of champagne,  conversations that were once full, 30 more words