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Bravery Beads and My Heart Warrior


       Colena’s Bravery Beads

At Sick Kids Hospital and other children’s hospitals there is a program called Bravery Beads. This program gives beautifully coloured beads to children facing life challenging illnesses after each procedure that they endure. 314 more words


Baby Number 2? Heart Matters.

So, here we are, the realisation that now Isaac has reached toddlerhood we would like baby number 2! A decision that for many is the next natural step but for us would take the same, if not even more, decisions and planning than the first time around. 579 more words

Heart Defect


I received an email from The PEW Charitable Trusts which says “25 Years After Valdez Spill, Drilling Standards Still Needed”. Personally, I think NO DRILLING is needed. 182 more words


Please Pray for Griffin's MRI Today

Right now Amber and I are taking Griffin to Lutheran General Hospital for an MRI of his heart. You may remember a few weeks ago… 373 more words

The Journey

'4D flow MRI'

A technique that allows the diagnosis of congenital heart conditions and other cardiovascular abnormalities within the body through visualising blood flow direction and its subsequent disruption. 182 more words

Celebrating our little superstar

Today, 3-21, is World Down Syndrome Day! Get it? People with Down syndrome have 3 copies of the 21st chromosome (instead of 2). Today was a day to spread awareness and celebrate those with that “something extra”. 534 more words

Down Syndrome

Oklahoma Heart Commercial

Here is the 30 second commercial that Dustin and I did for Oklahoma Heart Institute! It is amazingly freakish how much alike we are! God had a plan when he brought us together. 21 more words