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Cracks in the Sidewalk

     The rays of the sun beaming down on the concrete, illuminated the imperfections of the world around me. It’s as if I could see the history of every crack in the side walk, and realizing my history fell into these cracks. 964 more words


Am I strong enough?

We have all heard phrases like, “She’s a strong woman! She can bear it.” or “She can do it.” What makes someone strong? I have always despised being weak. 329 more words


It hurts my heart Mummy

This week was the first week my 3 year old started nursery. Today was his second day. I had hoped he would manage to go in without any problems. 423 more words


The Time I Have Left

I’m committed to making as many heart-felt memories as I can with whatever time I have left. I have a fatal disease. It’s called Mortality.

With Love,

My Beliefs

I didnt know what to do anymore. It was like i was lost and confused
This had been the second occurance in barely 3 months that we had been staying together. 351 more words

Unbiased Elfin

Love You Daddy..

Drink, drink, drink
That is all he does,
The bottle is his new love,
A six pack of beer
That’s nothing
It’s a joke
A bottle of tequila, 166 more words