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My boyfriend is radioactive

Before taking the train to party at my sister’s place for her birthday, I accompanied my MoonPie to the doctor trying to pinpoint to cause of heart palpitations. 497 more words



Lately I’ve been having heart palpitations, many times a day, and nosebleeds after being really upset, and this is new. Also heartburn. I haven’t had heartburn for a good 5 years – not since I became vegetarian. 132 more words

Blog Hiatus (Again Dammit!)

Unfortunately after my sister Sue’s recent visit, I suffered a severe relapse of my illness (see About Me section above). I am unable to sit for more than 5 minutes at a time without dizzy spells, heart palpitations etc. 48 more words


The Bulge heard around the world

The bulge heard around the world, literally speaking. A couple of days ago Idris Elba graced the world with his presence on the set of a movie he is both starring and producing. 54 more words


Premature Ventricular Contractions//I Peter 1:3

I push the clip in.
40 pounds.
This is my life now.

Willie Nelson said,
in his trove of advice,
to work out.

“Willie Nelson literally,” 158 more words


Tuesday's appointment #lupus

I went to see my rheumatologist on Tuesday. It was a strange appointment. I feel like sometimes I leave there more confused than when I walked in, which has made the experience in general frustrating and unreliable. 842 more words

College days are done

Level 8 –   Bret was waking up each morning with hear pounding sweats.  How did he get into this strange place?  The last day of class was three months ago – he was supposed to be in his career and making it by now. 248 more words