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The Bulge heard around the world

The bulge heard around the world, literally speaking. A couple of days ago Idris Elba graced the world with his presence on the set of a movie he is both starring and producing. 54 more words


Premature Ventricular Contractions//I Peter 1:3

I push the clip in.
40 pounds.
This is my life now.

Willie Nelson said,
in his trove of advice,
to work out.

“Willie Nelson literally,” 158 more words


Tuesday's appointment #lupus

I went to see my rheumatologist on Tuesday. It was a strange appointment. I feel like sometimes I leave there more confused than when I walked in, which has made the experience in general frustrating and unreliable. 842 more words

College days are done

Level 8 –   Bret was waking up each morning with hear pounding sweats.  How did he get into this strange place?  The last day of class was three months ago – he was supposed to be in his career and making it by now. 248 more words


Long Term Use of Nicotine Gum Can Lead To Heart Palpitations

Many hardcore smokers who wish to kick the smoking habit will turn to a variety of nicotine-replacement therapies. They can choose from the patch, a nasal spray, or nicotine gum. 249 more words

How Anxiety Can Progress

I left off my last post by telling you about my first string of anxiety attacks and how they slowly went away after the summer. Let’s fast forward to a year later. 966 more words