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It's not just anxiety

Since November my DH (dear husband) has been having baffling medical issues and after many trips to the ER, a GP, a cardiologist we are still at a dead end. 345 more words

Matters of the Heart part 1

This past week I went to see another cardiologist. After seeing one two years ago I informed my husband I refused to see one again. I’d had my fill of condescending, patronizing male doctors when it came to matters of my heart. 1,418 more words

"It's All In Your Head." How Applied Kinesiology can get your head moving right and your body to follow!

Applied Kinesiology (AK) Approach to HELPING YOU WITH HEADACHES—and other HEALTH ISSUES

As you may know, Applied Kinesiologists don’t treat conditions; we treat people. Through muscle testing we can see what IS NOT moving correctly and we get it moving again.  454 more words

Woke Up Feeling Better--Headache After Falafel

So, I woke up feeling better emotionally and physically. I still didn’t look great: still red! But I felt much better, slept really well and had some interesting dreams. 494 more words

Food Allergies

The Warning

I’ve always been a bit of a high strung overachiever with a tendency towards perfectionism so I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked that I ended up with anxiety.   1,073 more words


Heart Palpitations and Alcohol Use

Suffering from any condition that affects the heart is a scary ordeal, and can lead the individual franticly searching for answers to their health questions. 454 more words