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More Than Just Fatigue

Over the last 20 years, I have struggled with anemia intermittently.  Normally, I first notice it when I have muscle weakness and doing things like raising my arms above my head especially to wash my hair feels like hard work.   476 more words

The Medicine


I feel…Like my health is deteriorating by the week.

I feel it getting worse and worse, with every day, with every month, with every year. 197 more words


In Love

I want to tell you guys about the only time I have ever been in love. I have dated a lot of people. I have slept with… 733 more words

Baby #3: 14 Weeks UPDATE!

How is it that we are already 14 weeks pregnant!! Tomorrow we’ll be 15 weeks pregnant & it’s still just starting to sink in!

What Kind of Fruit Are You?: 424 more words



I feel the weight of the battery pack digging into my neck,
as it hangs over my heart. 155 more words


Welcome Friends

Although this blog is nowhere near ready for launching properly, I have asked a few friends to subscribe and give me some feedback.

Thank you so much to those who do.   137 more words


Baby #3: 13 Week Update!!

We are 13 Weeks Pregnant!

What Kind of Fruit Are You?: Peach!

Due Date: Our Due Date changed up 3 days, so NOW it’s March 20th, 2014… 428 more words