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Heartbeats and slowing down.

I remember being told once that “you should always be careful what you wish for – you might actually get it” I mean, we didn’t want much – just some peace, stay at home, nice, quiet, down-time. 714 more words

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Sleep Deprivation: The Killer No One Knows About

Eight hours is the agreed average amount of sleep a person should be getting at night. However, the United States is structured upon a busy lifestyle where children need to be in school at an early hour, adolescents are required to finish studies and adults are to maintain a job to make a living. 887 more words

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This is me, the guy who doesn’t have heart problems!

And my pulse oximeter.

The jagged line at the bottom of the screen is a very basic heart trace – all the peaks and troughs should be the same for a normal heart – mine, as you can see, isn’t normal. 199 more words

Cardiovascular Patient and Cold Weather

During winters Adult having cardiovascular problems are prone to various heart related problem such as Hypothermia, frostbite. So it’s important for them to be careful at this time of  the year. 247 more words


Please Understand.

I just want you to understand. I don’t want you brushing it off. I don’t want you to argue your point.

I want you to understand. 500 more words

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Green Vegetables Could Improve Heart’s Efficiency

Green veg contains nitrate could improve heart’s efficiency, blood supply to organs and reduce risk of diabetes and obesity

In three independent studies, scientists from the Universities of Southampton and Cambridge have identified how a simple chemical called nitrate, found in leafy green vegetables, can help thin blood ensuring oxygen can be delivered to all corners of the body efficiently. 1,022 more words


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Commenting on the results, Dr Murray, who worked on all three studies, said: “There have been a great many findings demonstrating a role for nitrate in reducing blood pressure and regulating the body’s metabolism. These studies represent three further ways in which simple changes in the diet can modify people’s risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity as well as potentially alleviating symptoms of existing cardiovascular conditions to achieve an overall healthier life.”

Almost Ablated!

I am now 2 days away from my Epicardial Ablation for Inappropiate Sinus Tachycardia.

I don’t think it has hit me yet that I am having ‘heart surgery’. 347 more words