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The Five Heartbreaks...

Having so many heartbreaks is probably one of the main reasons I decided to give my life to Christ. Period.

I’m not ashamed to say that it was not by some strong physical or spiritual force, or an individual Bible verse that changed my heart. 1,357 more words

Lock And Key

“So I placed my heart under lock and key, to take some time, and take care of me. But I turn around and you’re standing here…”
~ Debra Cox


Shed the Cocoon

Come and shed the cocoon from your ancient and sacred heart and feel the W’HOOOOoooooooooo ©Michael Whitenburgh


Michael Whitenburgh

Day 28, Granada Camp for Wayward Poets - It's a Day

July 28th – As we wind down to the final days of “Camp”, today is an Event Day! What day is it? Invent a special celebration for today and write a poem about it. 34 more words

Bits of nostalgia.

Having lived in this world it becomes impossible to deny at some point encountering an “I love you” that was actually a goodbye

We have all tasted the kisses that whisper “I’m sorry” 58 more words


ADHD Kind of Love: A poem

How easy it is to fall in love,
Everyone I meet I think is the one.
Then they say, “It’s not you I want.”
Well that’s okay, I’ve already moved on.


I feel raw


by rough grass growth

over ancient river stone

exhausted as water

from continuous flow

peace isn’t peace

only on sticks can I float… 92 more words

Ancient River Stone