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The Maze

People say eyes are the passage to one’s soul. Some of these passages are brightly lit, with straightforward directions that lead you straight home. And then there are those passages which are just a pitch black maze of twists and turns with too many dead ends and only one way that leads you home. 311 more words

What Is A Woman To Do When The Man She Loves Breaks His Promise To Her?

As young girls we are taught to fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after. The real world tells us a different story. As women who experienced heartache, we learn to longer trust and believe. 373 more words


Picking Up the Pieces

Here is your weekly inspiration, and it is dedicated to my papa, John T. Hatten: June 16, 1933- October 11, 2014. Thanks for all your love and support throughout the years. 369 more words


Let Me Fall | Day 6

On this day, I’ve decided to check off some things from my bucket list:
Zip lining and
Free falling

To say my shrieks simply got soaked into the vastness of the beautiful mountain, Anumaya, an Indian name, is saying it mildly. 527 more words


Grateful Heart Monday Link-Up

Sophie did this Grateful Heart Monday link-up a while ago. Lately I have been feeling so blessed and content, and I need to put all that good energy out into the Universe! 599 more words


Don't Remember

I’m not sure you remember all this

Dusty photo album sitting on the shelf

You might bring it upon yourself

To flick through these memories… 313 more words