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War & Peace

If home is where the heart is,
then war is where the heart is not.


A Letter To You

You know what’s crazy? Being in love with someone for almost two years and even now, just looking at a picture of you makes my heart race like crazy. 452 more words

those two

There are certain people in your life that leave prints on your heart. Most important are the ones who you first see when your life starts. 468 more words

Dear Mom

Mother’s Day will not be until May 11th which is three weeks away but I don’t have to wait until then to celebrate mothers in general.  812 more words

Love Is A Serious Business III

A lot of people think that the word romance and chivalry is dead.  Being romantically involved like chivalry is not dead as some men and women may think.  48 more words

Sunrise Symphony

Birds flying from tree to tree looking for a place to perch their pitch on this fine morning. The way the breeze flows through the trees standing rooftop high carries the notes just right. 382 more words


i suppose in grief
and desperation
and sorrow
there is an egg of
hope hidden in the nest
covered by downy breath
and feathery fingers… 65 more words