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when you accept yourself completely

faults and all

you know who you are and what you’re about

nothing and no one can shake you

it’s the greatest form of liberation that I can think of… 30 more words



I am a cloud
I am a mountain
If you trust it
You might fly
I am love
I am fear
Near or far
Here or there… 26 more words

my weekly intentions (today is my monday)

I really want to begin to start every Monday off in a positive light and to not dwell on the week before. Sometimes I am so good at doing this but other times I might have had a few too many drinks over the weekend and beat myself up for it or I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted during the week or sometimes I worry about how I might have spent too much money with my son, family or friends.   620 more words

A Wish Upon A Heart

In accepting this lovely award I’m going to do something out of the box. All my life I’ve never colored inside the lines, so I see no reason to start now. 404 more words


Take Me

Just take me in your arms

and I’ll be fine.

Take me from this place

and I will shine.

Just buy me or trade me, 38 more words

Rhyming Poetry


My pain is deep

My heart is sore

A bruised oak tree

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Beauty of Ashes

For years, I’ve been in a tumultuous relationship cycle. If you’re reading this, and you’ve been a part of that, I apologize with the depths of my soul and hope that you at least learned something profitable about yourself, women, God, or even just life through our time together. 3,291 more words

Just The Journey