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Heart and Mind (Part 1)

O God, my God!  This Thy handmaid is calling upon Thee, trusting in Thee, turning her face unto Thee, imploring Thee to shed Thy heavenly bounties upon her, and to disclose unto her Thy spiritual mysteries, and to cast upon her the lights of Thy Godhead.

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How to be Heart Healthy

How to be Heart Healthy

By Debi Rideout

It’s a time to think about how to keep our hearts healthy. In order to do this we should look at the heart health statistics. 366 more words

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How to Slow Down Your Speeding Heart (Three Ways to Prepare for Prayer)

You’ve probably felt it like I have. You sit down with Bible in hand; cup of steaming hot coffee to your right. The pen is ready and maybe there’s even a journal close by. 821 more words


There is a song that is mesmerizing to all sinners. It sounds somewhat like a prolonged ‘oh.’ Or perhaps like the whispers of young lovers in the dark . 66 more words


Loves Echo~Haiku (2014)

Sempiternal love
Her redolent beauty spreads
Divine tasks of light

The devoted gift
Hearts honoured companion
Beats sacred passion

O soul awaken!
Sparks of invisible truth… 38 more words


Hello, My Old Heart

Hello, my old heart
How have you been?
Are you still there inside my chest?
I’ve been so worried
You’ve been so still
Barely beating at all… 141 more words

Ink and Inspiration

I have been wanting to get my first tattoo for years. I kept wanting to get lyrics that were really important to me somewhere on my body. 324 more words