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Poetic side of me.

The fire of hope in my heart is burning low,
Waiting for that someone who will inflame its glow,
When that moment will happen, I’ll never know, 222 more words


Hearts A Mess x Gotye

Gotye knows heartache.

If his first album, Like Drawing Blood (2006) is any indication, either the Belgian-Australian singer has perpetually bad luck in love or 2011’s smash-hit “ 87 more words


Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn

‘So lovely to see, to consider, to embrace. The dangers, the obvious outcomes. Ignored. Remnants of the pain remains, the sweet pain upon reflection.’   SwittersB


OUR scares, fears... then ultimate TEARS thrusts OUR heavenly father Ohhhhh so near!!!

Don’t be too deep when pondering on my next statement, because it shouldn’t be taken to heart, in a literal sense so to say… But, do keep in mind that God delights in OUR brokenness… And please allow me to quickly elaborate, because I would NEVER purposely write anything that stirs controversy or confuses any. 493 more words

Muli (Again)

Most people will more likely to relate themselves to the lyrics of the song. It’s about a former couple who find their selves igniting the same heat they had when they were still together. 411 more words


Fantasy's in the Dark Realm~where darkness lies

This is my first entry of which I hope will be many.

It’s a Tuesday evening and I find myself once again; as usual, alone watching TV and trying to figure out what to write in my Journal-shorts. 390 more words


One Step At A Time.

I saw this today and thought i’d share:

“Someday everything will make perfect sense, so for now smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself everything happens for a reason..

397 more words