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Sib's Haiku of the Day #32

Heartache…as snow falls.
Quail lands on my windowsill…
Take wing on the wind.

Copyright © by J. Sibley Law



Heavy clouds sweep in from the south
in wretched tattered formation;
The sun skims their curly heads
With soft pink touches.

Way above, vapor trails crisscross the sky… 60 more words


W.W.W.H. ?

When did our love come to this?

Resentfulness. Fear. Deceit. Anger.

Where is the love that we once shared?

Lies. Questions. Mistrust.

Why has our love come to this? 15 more words


My truths

It was on a December day of 2013z I sent you a message and to my surprise you replied. I suppose you felt that I was going to tell you something terrible or wonderful, but you replied. 820 more words

Did I break?

Okay, so I got another email from the “person I was married to” today. This one…not so much of a douchebag. So, I responded. I was going to just let me mother respond, but I started thinking…I’m not a child. 229 more words


Looking At You

I thought it was your leather
Chucks that beguiled me.
But when you smiled
and your braces added a little shine to it,
I found a world where you… 228 more words


Bus Blog - Kegel Crying

I skipped Fertility Friday. I have a blog almost completed, but I needed yesterday to focus on school and numb my brain. It’s been a ridiculously hard week. 451 more words