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october mourning

There are times when it is easy to forget, easy to slip into the mindset of before, when a phone call or conversation about life’s depths and and shallows would be welcome, expected, necessary.   422 more words

a dream

I had a dream that I was falling,
falling into an empty place.
My mind and heart screamed out for you,
though no sound came from my own voice. 155 more words

Sorry is never enough

I have often heard it said that nothing is a total wash.
That from each experience either good or bad we can grow…
become stronger, learn something new. 288 more words

Dear World,

Mom, the Builder

I build these walls around me to protect my paper-thin skin from the sharp   blades of the sun
carefully, this shield I construct… 347 more words

Dear World

Real Happy

Have you ever thought about what makes you happy? Have you ever thought about where your joy comes from? 

Is it your Lord?  Is it your children, love interest, family, friend, or all the above?  483 more words

Empty Nest Syndrome


I have actually forgotten
what THIS is like,
though I am sure I have reminded myself

He disables me,
and I then want to cement my weapons… 321 more words


Blood Tears

I’ve got so much to say, don’t know where to start

Your so far away, yet so close to my heart

I made the mistakes, that tore us apart… 143 more words