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Did you ever fall through the bitterness that secretly tastes so sweet? Did you cry a pain with laughter in your heart?

Twisted collections of a world upside down and inside out. 56 more words

Healing Takes Time

When I think about how far I’ve come over these past 4+ years, I’m amazed. The deep valley, the desert, the trials and storms have been a series of facing myself and facing my hidden pain. 1,239 more words

Hope In The Darkness

Breaking Back-&-Forth

In many ways, it does feel like I only go through different phases of the same cycle.

Earlier today, it took me an especially long time to make coffee, mulling over certain thoughts as I kept stirring an already-well-stirred cup. 1,310 more words


April 17

I have a confession to make. I’m one of those people who is drawn in by the saddest stories. That includes animals who have been abandoned, people who have been heartbroken, children who are lost. 539 more words

Alone in this big bad world

A few months ago I lost my boyfriend – my first love. My partner, the guy who supported me through everything and made me a better person. 315 more words

Behind the mask

In my den hang four masks. Three that I chose to decorate my own private little corner of the world with and one that my son and his wife gave to me as a gift. 536 more words

Things I Have Planted

The Storm

In the stillness of silence, images of the past swirl around my head like the angry ocean, reaching to pull me under. Thinking of the the darkness of sadness brought through years of experience, a small light shines at the end of the tunnel, a dull sound, calling my name. 102 more words