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Brief Shadows of Time

(A Quatern)

Hidden in brief shadows of time,
Glanced glimpse of faces, memories;
Black and white snapshots (masked mute mime)
Tangled in half-sleep mysteries.

What… 78 more words



So once there was a girl. Caught up in her own imagination. Busied with her dreams. Her reality is everybody’s dream.

Everybody loved her. Her face on the cover of magazines, flying every now and then barely any free time between projects. 182 more words

A Painful Reaction

 When dealing with and going through a divorce there are many things that arise that are very uncomfortable and difficult to handle. Adjusting to new living arrangements, different schedules, old friends lost out of sides chosen, and new people entering in their places. 903 more words

“I will not always love what I can never have. I will not always live in regret.” ~Jimmy Eat World

My fever broke today. It only took 7 weeks.

A half a tab of Xanax and a glass of water by my bed, just waiting for the alarm to go off and my anxious heart to start thudding. 429 more words

Life - a Poem


Sometimes I can’t.
I can’t even.
I don’t even know what’s going on 
but it hurts.
I don’t know why it hurts 
except I do… 254 more words

Being Real

I blame all of my commitment issues on Louisa May Alcott (Lament in gifs)

First, LMA introduced me to the perfect boy:

Swoon… is he wonderful, or what? (Very!)

He’s funny, kind, smart, playful (and loves books):

He doesn’t mind being silly: 59 more words

Today is 1 week since my dog "King" pasted away

Today is exactly 1 week since my dog “KinG” has pasted away. I thought I was doing ok until yesterday but today the reality of knowing that exactly a week ago on this day, my dog died. 484 more words

My Diary