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golden haze

through the tear-stained window
the sunbeam smacks the cushion
dust mites waltz on golden haze
like a cobra soft seducing

he is entranced as she sways too… 111 more words



The heart keeps on beating. Through betrayal, through forced tears, through frivolity and through night after night of taking it too far. It can’t break, doesn’t shrivel or wither, it astonishes with its resilience. 302 more words


The Truth About Heartbreak

I’ve been learning a few things in the past six months. Some things I think I may finally be able to say now that I’ve kind of walked through what I hope is the hardest part of the healing process after an emotional letdown. 1,882 more words

Time heals and even the deepest of wounds

I miss this blog terribly, but I stopped writing in it because I was out living life instead of being locked up in my room. Today I woke up with the heaviest of hearts. 429 more words

Men and Women dont Love the same way

Even though this blog was meant to be about planning a wedding, I think many of us can relate.

I have been with my fiancĂ© for nearly 10 years, and I’m only 21. 750 more words

Montreal II

Before you read the following poem or short story I would like you to do one thing for me. As this is a follow up or part two if you’d like to call it that of The Weeknd’s song entitled ”Montreal”, I’d like you to listen to the acoustic version and really get your head behind the impeccable lyricism it possess then come back and read the following poem. 647 more words



Time ticks by
So slowly
Without Him

Each second
Feels like a minute
Minutes seem like hours

The fingers
On the clock
Hardly seem to move… 102 more words