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One Step At A Time.

I saw this today and thought i’d share:

“Someday everything will make perfect sense, so for now smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself everything happens for a reason..

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I lost a piece of me today. A piece that i cannot find. Chipped away at my soul in an intricate way that i cant deny. 59 more words

Beginnings & Elementary School

I’m the product of teen parents.

I’m the disadvantaged product of bad choices made out of wedlock without contraceptive protection or activation.

I’m the worst nightmare of the thought that looms in the back of your mind after the endorphin high subsides. 1,091 more words


is it weird?

is it weird for me to say that i miss you, even though i hardly know you?

is it weird for me to say that i want you, even though that’s not my place? 135 more words



Consuming my heart
Torturing my mind
Turning my stomach over at night.
The thoughts of you
And every thing you did.
This unbearing hurt that you have left. 25 more words


The Beingness of Loss

My love’s heart is broken. Last night, I watched, as he said goodbye to his kids as they prepare to depart for Germany. They live there permanently with their mother and will return on Wednesday. 553 more words


Oh, Love... Why So Brusque?

She so hates love that she found a word to describe its human-like attitude towards her: “Damn┬áLOVE, why do you have to be so… 574 more words