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Our “Off” Times

You know, we have our “off” times spiritually. If my experience is of any value to you, I have come to this position: It is not what I can do, not what I cannot do, nor how I am today; … 175 more words


Square One

Well…..is it still square one if it’s a different person?

This summer, I met someone new.

I fell in love.

He has disappeared.

I know this feeling. 147 more words


Dear Darling #Haiku


Trembling lone script tries

Surpassing understanding

Raw plea missing thee

Song inspired Haiku.  Hope you like it.  Comments welcome.


Blue - Sobs

Silent Sobs Secret Sobs
Do not make a sound
Silent Sobs Secret Sobs
When others are around Silent Sobs Secret Sobs 75 more words

Nine Years

Nine years ago today, my birthday was very insignificant compared to the wedding that was about to happen to me two days later.

Nine years ago today I was at my parents’ house receiving what would be my last birthday gift from both of them. 190 more words


Parental Pressures

As you get older you definitely try your best to please your parents. Maintaining good grades, attending and graduating college, getting your first adult job, etc. 994 more words

Day 1

Nothing much can be said about how and why she took to him. But it started just like any other fresh blossom, ever so beautiful and aw-inspiring. 660 more words