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Boy (Number 4)

So after realizing that my blue-eyed dream boy wasn’t going to amount to any more than a wonderful, fleeting “something” I began moving on.

I joined a group that is tradition for the grad class. 1,204 more words


Boy (Number 3...The One That Got Away)

I took a year for me.
To get over the heartbreak.
To start building my self confidence back up.
To become a little more free-spirited, and a little less of a recluse. 778 more words


Boy (Number 2)

The second boy came along in much the same way the first did.

We were friends.
He was not the most popular (not that I was really either, but I was well liked) and he had a crush on me for years. 1,332 more words


Boy (Number 1)

The first boy who stole my heart, ran away with it.

The funny thing is, he chased me for a very long time before I finally just said I’d date him because I felt bad saying no for the millionth time. 561 more words


[31 for 21] ~ Why Don't I Forget?...


Today’s word is heartache.

My question is this: why don’t I forget?
I have read so many blog posts lately in which the authors refer to the fact that their lives are typical and ordinary, so much so that they often forget that their little one has a diagnosis of Down syndrome. 381 more words

The Bridge

I want to share this beautiful poem with you that I have cherished for many years. I hope you love it too.

The Bridge

I stood on the bridge at midnight, 349 more words


why another love blog?

I know what you’re thinking, not another love blog….

At the moment, I’m an avid blogger. A blogger where all my readers know my identity and at several points I have shared it with people who are the closest to me. 264 more words