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The Letter You Never Sent

It’s been four long months since you’ve been gone. Every single day has been a struggle. I think about you every day, and you haunt me in my dreams. 571 more words



As a child I watched the movie The Last Unicorn many times. She was beautiful and for me it was magic. I never understood the tragedy…she learned to regret. 334 more words


All for nothing

You lie awake and hope he’s ‘faithful’ to you. Is he screwing his wife tonight? Or sometimes, you just don’t even entertain that idea, because you’ve reached that point where you know it’s really just the both of you in a relationship and she’s temporarily there for sake of convenience. 317 more words

Parking Lot Lunacy

She tried to figure out what pain was the worst pain inside her. The terrible, creeping hurt that slowly gripped her heart until the pressure became too much… or the quick, karate chop to the chest, doubling her over, gasping for air. 131 more words

When You Can't Escape the Beautiful Girl

I saw her tonight. On the way to buy groceries. She was coming forward with two dogs that were bigger than she was, and looked overwhelmed. 531 more words

Ad mosai?

My old street corner.

Yellowed stone, brilliant rays, and luminescent blue.

Busy, bustling, bright.

Where we watched that train and its parking lots slowly, slowly come to life. 93 more words


Day #183 - Trust your instincts.

Today’s post is pretty monumental.

Everything is changing. Everything has changed.

I feel in my heart that I’m halfway through my journey now. I couldn’t explain why entirely but I feel very connected to everything around me and what I’m doing. 947 more words