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Your Pulse

At times it seemed so loud
the beat of mine was drowned
in sound and waves of your being.

The bed we clung together on… 26 more words


April 19, 2014

On the day after the crucifixion I wonder what was happening in heaven.
I wonder if there was scurrying about preparing for celebration.
I wonder how all of creation felt for the time when the Creator was no more. 21 more words

Random Thoughts

Sails on the Sea

The clock is ticking away time, and matching the
rhythm of my own heartbeat, tick, tick, tick.
I cannot sleep, and counting sheep does not work. 245 more words


Upgrading vCenter 5.5 to 5.5 U1 with vCenter Heartbeat installed [Part Three]

This is the last part of this 3 part series. In Parts One and Two, I discussed about this new “re-cloning” method for upgrading vCenter Server with heartbeat and started configuring the Primary vCenter server. 349 more words

VCenter Heartbeat

The Hammer, The Nails, & the Heartbeat

On a beautiful day in early summer the sound of a hammer, pounding nails into wood, echoes through the air. Birds, startled in the trees, stop their singing and fly away. 1,727 more words

God's Love

My step-father has always had this one peculiar habit. For some, it is hard to understand and not to misinterpret, unless they have known him since forever and had already got familiar with how he is. 348 more words


Reverse Heartbleed

In the previous article we have seen in depth how the Heartbleed vulnerability works. In practice we have seen the version of the bug usable in a client that attacks a server scenario ( 272 more words

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