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Favorite Places: Tokyo

         There’s just something cool about being within the most populous metropolitan area in the world.  Sure all big cities have their own unique vibe, but Tokyo has more than a vibe –it has a heartbeat.   298 more words



some music I make..

“yeah” by rose


analog photography for the album by Camila Montoya

11:11 - How it changed my life.

Shared by Garvita.

 “11:11 comes twice a day because God believes everyone deserves a second chance.”

25th January,2014, 11:11 am.

“Please give me the boy I love.” 408 more words


Heartbeat: What Do We Call This

Shared by Shakira.

I’ve known you long enough to know your insecurites and your flaws.
I’ve always ben trying to get your attention and now that you say i have it i feel like nothing made of lies and weekness. 641 more words


When His Train Leaves...

Shared by wordsonawhim.

In the moments my boyfriend comes to visit, I feel like I’m in an everlasting love scene replicating Notting Hill or Pretty Woman. 524 more words


What it takes

I never loved him for what he could give me
I loved him for what I could give him
My heart, My life, My all… 111 more words

Life as an RN...

12 hours.. more like 14.

Patients… Patience.

Responsibility… for human lives.

Expectations… to be super human.

Emotions… tapped out.

I spend all day preaching to patients to keep hydrated, drink more fluids, eat your meals. 220 more words