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Together, We Will Be Forever

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“In a world so wide, you found me.
I never imagined we were meant to be.”

1st January,2014. Winters, New Year celebrations going on.

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“She missed him.In the most crazy, strange, beautiful way.
She loved him.In the most innocent way of loving someone.”

It was so different.Staying there, looking at nothing in particular, aching to see him.

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Heartbeat: Lost Love

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I have loved and lost that love. Why? No it was not because of him, it was because of me. My own mental state did not allow me to love. 179 more words


All The Way From Space

They said that I was made to grant a wish,
That one day at 11:11, someone would look at me and whisper a favor,
And they said that I have to make that wish come true no matter how impossible  it is, 75 more words


Searching for good

Our appointment with the Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctor….right at 9 weeks 5 days….The new doctor was so obviously nervous and unsure, yet trying his best to take quality notes and ask all the pertinent questions. 655 more words

My Wish for Us

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I know you don’t want commitment and obligations,
so how about a best friend?
Someone with whom to laugh and cry and share openly. 116 more words