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Love at First Sight

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She wasn’t sure if this was the right thing to do? As usual she’d been carried along with the flow of things, carried along by the longing to love someone, to hold them in her arms and care for them. 637 more words


Heartbeat: Is "Exclusively Dating" The New Title?

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They say writing is liberating and for someone as expressive as me I decided to give it a shot; in addition I enjoy giving advice to others (particularly in the sentimental aspect) so maybe it’s time I ask for some advice back. 721 more words


Paint Me Your Affections

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Cara fluttered her eyes open and was blinded by sunlight. Not wanting to acknowledge the morning, she quickly buried her face in John’s shoulder. 1,178 more words



“Your heartbeat is mean,” he said.

“It’s too loud,” he said.

The blue lights from the TV licked the wall behind us and I looked down at him looking up; it was like the sadness in our eyes suddenly lined up against each other like the two sides of a magnet. 88 more words


The Rythmic Language of a Man's Heart

Coursed, pricked feet swung across the threshold of brick and mortar; her voice lifts with the breeze and like a dagger, pierces my heart with a sincere good morning. 149 more words


Heartbeat: Dumpee or Dumper

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I recently broke up with my boyfriend, or more correctly to put it, suggested we go on a break. I had a lot of emotional maturing to do and felt like I couldn’t do it being in a relationship, as I wanted to develop as an individual before I dragged someone else into it. 266 more words


Reader Story: Back To The Sea

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A True Story of love and loss and new beginnings …

The sea was where she always went to be alone with her thoughts. 1,000 more words