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VÉRITÉ - Heartbeat

One of this year’s great debut artists, VÉRITÉ, releases arguably her best track to date in “Heartbeat”. A demo version of the track was around earlier this year, but the New York up-and-comer has cleaned it up in anticipation of her  14 more words



Today I did something symbolic. I put a small, silver band on my left ring finger.

I don’t wear jewelry. I used to wear a wedding band on my left ring finger for years. 1,946 more words


You're Not Mine Anymore

Shared by Katie Wilhelm

We use to be one. We were a force that was seemingly unbreakable. Everything that was mine I wished to share with you, whether it was a deep rooted emotion, some amazing news or a bite of my food at dinner. 495 more words



     If I vanished in thin air, would anyone stop? Would they even respond? Sometimes I feel as if I never exist to anyone or anytime. I am like a ghost wandering day-by-day trying desperately to feel alive. 66 more words

Fruits of His Love

Shared by 2lovethatAngel.

It starts with a passionate kissThen slowly turns to the touch I plead for

Gentle, strong hands caressing my soft breasts… 116 more words


A Letter to Leo

Shared by siqixtea.

everything expires, everything has a full stop, everything has a limit. I didn’t know MOVING ON will be so hard but I guess it’s time to put all these sadness and heartache to an end… 1,854 more words


Do Opposites Attract or Should Compatibility Matter?

Shared by Awesome Elo.

They say opposites attract or do they? And if they do is a good thing for a healthy relationship? 545 more words