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Heart Break Learn to Love Again

Shared by Victoria KAY.

I was in love and it all fell apart before my eye’s. I’m a sap for falling for someone, for love , romance, togetherness, date night, passionate sex and all that good stuff even though I always seem to fall for the wrong ones. 834 more words


Haiku ~ Shimmering Magic

shimmering magic
it stills within my heartbeat
as stars fall

~ (c) kj

this month i’ve been participating in a renga tree for my haiku club; a branching tree of poems that starts from a single “seed.” this is one of my various leaves (:

Free Form

Daily Musings #23

The essence of my soul resides outside in nature, my heart exists in the beating of the chests of those I love, and though I’m a part of everything that surrounds, I belong to myself.

Daily Musings & Inspiration

In a heartbeat

My world can change in a heart beat.  The power of this moment is bigger than anything I can create in the world and is the place I create from, moving in the timeless state of now.  158 more words

Guys & Gals, Did You Know This? Life Saving Tidbit #2

This is advice you should be getting from your doctor.  More than likely though, they will never offer up this kind suggestion.  I finally figured this out on my own, after the fact, 3 years later.   189 more words


Lunar Love

Shared by Spenser Lushin.

Finding true love is like landing on the moon. only a handful of footprints are embedded in the white lunar dust on the moon. 336 more words


January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

In the thick silence,
The rhythmical thrumming
Of my tireless heart
Is all that I ever hear,
No word from You, just silence. 19 more words