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Heart Aflutter!

Sight of this flower!

Sometimes real

Sometimes unreal

Just icons most of the time!

Just my imagination.

Are you really there?

Doesn’t matter any more… 10 more words


Bacterial vaginosis

I finally know what’s wrong with me! No thanks to my gp, by the way.

So I went back to her this morning to get my results. 1,425 more words

Best Thanksgiving Ever

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the states. I’m not a fan of the roots of this particular holiday, but I am a fan of any excuse to get family together and cook. 104 more words


My annoyance has surged!

I guess everyone goes through a stage of being pissed off at their doctor, right? Well right now, I think I’m the absolute most annoyed I have ever been! 973 more words

Find It

Candy is so sweet, it makes my heartbeat. ~ A.S.

YES, YES, YES!!  We’ve got to find those things in life that make our hearts beat, even if those things are as simple as candy.

Much love,



Blood Tests

So yesterday I had my 7 month check up, where I had to drink the horrible glucose water. Wasn’t as bad as everybody makes it out to be, it just tasted like flat sierra mist, but it did upset my stomach after a little while. 159 more words

Love Is Blind

Shared by Kerry Kijewski.

Q: Does disability affect you in other ways? If so, how?

A: Sure it does, in ways big and small and in many ways I don’t even really think about or notice so much. 847 more words